Sunday, December 03, 2006

Can the Courts Protect You? - Current Article Page She was in court early Friday, and in the hospital later that same day. She wanted a restraining order. What she got was stabbed and shot.
[The victim] was shot and stabbed multiple times Friday afternoon, said Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies responded to a call at her home ... shortly after 3 p.m.
Her ex-boyfriend broke into her home, hid and ambushed her when she got home.

The courts are fine institutions, and restraining orders have a place in a legal strategy, but they cannot keep you safe. The police do everything they can, but they were not called until after the crime had been committed. That is not a slam on the police... it is just a recognition of the constraints under which they work.

The victim will survive, and the goblin is charged with attempted murder, among other things.

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