Saturday, December 16, 2006

First British woman awarded Military Cross

Private Norris, British ArmyTelegraph | News | First woman awarded an MC The British Military Cross is an honor awarded to members of the British Army for "gallantry during active operations against the enemy."

Private Michelle Norris is a a 19-year-old medic with the Royal Armoured Medical Corps. She volunteered for a tour in Iraq after having been posted to Germany.

She won the Military Cross for braving enemy fire to get to a Sr. NCO who had been wounded (and for staying calm enough to save his life).

The Brits, like the US, don't want to put women in combat. The problem of course that in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, there are no front lines and no rear areas.
Pte Norris, a soldier with the Royal Army Medical Corps, believes that her action strengthens the case for putting women in the front line. The military establishment would disagree, for reasons which have nothing to do with female bravery, but rather the traditional male impulse to protect women in the heat of battle.

Yet this argument is undermined by the fact that in today's messy conflicts, the front line is often both nowhere and everywhere.

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