Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gun Safety: Some Know It, Some Don't

Coach GunThe Shreveport Times: Children learn gun safety 8 to 10 years old (all boys? what about the girls) learn gun safety in Louisiana learn gun safety with their parents. This should go far to keeping them safe. (This is really a wonderful article... worth your time.)

Consider instead the following tragedies:

Portland, Oregon - Police: 10-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his sister This was with a shotgun.

Uncle: Hoboken student killed in gun accident
"We are charging right now that the shooting was reckless, but not intentional," [Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor Nicholas] Sewitch said
Reckless is by definition, not being safe.

Or there was the story from last week, about the boy who shot his friend in the head.

The rules of safe gun handling are not rocket science. They are also not arbitrary - even if different groups have different ideas about which order they come in.

Never point a gun at someone you are not willing to kill or anything you are not willing to shoot. (Keeping it pointed in a "safe" direction, means even if it does go off, everyone is safe.)

Keep your finger off the trigger until you mean to shoot. (They only go off if you pull the trigger.)

Be aware of your target, and what is beyond it. (What are you likely to hit, if you miss your target, or the bullet penetrates the target and continues on its way?)


Education is the BEST way to keep kids safe.

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