Friday, December 29, 2006

Not Bad For Shooting With Her Eyes Closed

The Robesonian Online: Woman claims self-defense in Christmas Day shooting death [A note on the title and the choice of the word "claims." Police seem to be in agreement with that claim, but that isn't good enough for the gun-hating press. Let's insinuate to everyone that she is lying. She owns a gun; she must be evil - in their eyes anyway.]

So a rabid ex-boyfriend blocks your car, tells you to get out of your car and into his truck, because you were going with him. He was armed with a rifle.

What would you do?

For Dixie Oxendine, the decision was easy.
"I just closed my eyes and started shooting," she said. "I was scared he was going to shoot and kill me."
The ex-boyfriend was shot 5 times - once in the head. Not too bad...

This isn't the first time he tried to hurt her. He ran her car off the road in April, and before the holiday, he threatened to kill her. Since it takes less time to buy a pistol than it does to get a restraining order, that is exactly what she did. (She was planning to get the restraining order after the holidays.) Sounds like this was the right decision.

Police have not filed charges.
"It's a domestic dispute and (District Attorney) Johnson Britt has to review the case," [sheriff's Detective Lt.] Ricky Britt said.
Good Guys Gals 1, Goblins 0 [via KABA]

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