Sunday, December 17, 2006

They Lost the Election - Now they Want to Ignore the Law

Cox warns universities not to dawdle on Proposal 2 OK, the law takes effect on the Dec. 22 - a law banning affirmative action as we know it. But the big Michigan Universities don't want to follow the law.
The universities said changing the rules by which applications are considered and financial aid awarded in the middle of the academic year would create havoc and unfairness.
Havoc, probably, but "unfairness?" The law - as passed by referendum in Michigan in Nov - eliminates the "unfairness" and forces government (and government universities) to stop using race to decide admissions and hiring.

Oh, and since they lost the election they are turning to courts to have their way. So familiar. But they are on the losing side of the argument. A similar law in California has been upheld, so there is no reason to believe this one won't be. Just another delaying tactic.

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