Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shot By a 60-year-old Woman - Shot with his own gun

Dallas Morning News | Victim: 'It was either him or me' - Frisco: Man charged with robbery recovering from gunshot wound It is going to be hard to explain to the guys on the cell-block how a 60-year-old woman took his gun away from him and then shot him in the gut.
"I got out of my car and took five or six steps. He came from the other side of building," Ms. Reed told the dispatcher. "He pointed a gun at me and asked me for my keys, and I said, 'No.' He said, 'Give me your keys.' I said, 'No.'

"He pointed the gun in the air and shot it. I've been around guns. , Didn't know if it was a pellet gun."

She described the handgun for the dispatcher as bigger than a derringer and about 4 or 5 inches long.

"Then we tussled. He grabbed me and tussled. Got me on the ground," Ms. Reed said. "I got a hold of the gun. It was underneath me, and I pointed it at him and pulled the trigger."
The goof-ball ran away, but was caught a short while later and flown to a hospital.
[The goblin] remained in stable but guarded condition Wednesday under police guard.
When he gets out of the hospital, he will be thrown in the county jail. If convicted of a first-degree felony, he faces 5 to 99 years in jail.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Never Listen to Chicken Little

Dollar SignThe Sky is not falling.

As everyone knows, the stock market took a dip yesterday. As a percentage of market value, it was a non-issue. (Not that you would know that if you listened to the press.)

Consider that yesterday (27 Feb. 2007) the stock market declined 3.29%. Is that a lot? Let's take a look at some numbers.

Consider the big jolt - 19 October 1987, a day I will always remember because I saw so many grown men cry. That day, Black Monday, the market lost 22.61% of its value as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That was something to be upset about. That was the largest percentage drop in the market in a single day.

Of course the rebound was fairly quick, and there were many bargains to be had that afternoon and that week. "The best time to make money is when blood is running in the streets." (Baron Amschel Rothschild said that, in case you didn't know.)

Or consider the crash of 28 October 1929. That day saw a 12.82% drop in the market. And we don't have the problems the 1929 economy had. We may have other problems, but that is another story.

So when the media is crying that the sky is falling (as some of them were) consider that it might have been a slow news day. Or maybe they really are hoping things turn bad for America.

Virginia Gun Law Flap

Gun Rights Activists Fight City Of Manassas - News Virginia law forbids the carrying of concealed weapons into any establishment that serves alcohol. So a group of citizens went into Tony's New York Pizza carrying openly. (This is legal.)

A flap ensued when a group of cops decided that they didn't like that law and got the group of law-abiding citizens to leave.

The police apparently acted with less-than-professional demeanor.
An internal police investigation is under way, NBC4 reported. It includes text message type e-mails that the officers allegedly sent between themselves that night, referring to the gun owners in some very derogatory terms.
Police don't like law-abiding citizens who are "usurping" police power - that is any show of force against the bad guys, even when they obey the law to do so.

But the really interesting thing is the statement made by the restaurant owner.
Do you need a gun to come here to Tony's, I don't think so.
So Mr Joe D'Agostino, are you willing to guarantee that no rapist will ever be hiding in your parking lot, so that as I leave your establishment, I am risk-free? And you can make this guarantee because? You have lots of outside security? I didn't think so.

While I may not need a firearm while eating pizza (did no one but me see Pulp Fiction? "Point the gun at me, Honey Bunny.") you can't guarantee my safety on my way to and from your establishment. I wouldn't believe you if you did, and a sane business man wouldn't try. (What would the financial ramifications of a single "incident" be?) [KABA]

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Makes the Left Nervous

Independent Women's Forum: There’s something about Ayaan Hirsi Ali... The Left doesn't quite know what to make of Ayann Hirsi Ali. They hounded her out of The Netherlands, mostly, I think, because she made them uncomfortable.
Curiously, what seems to rankle Europeans most is the enthusiasm with which Hirsi Ali has adopted their own secularism and the fervor with which she has embraced their own Western values. Though this continent’s intellectuals routinely disparage the pope as an irrelevant dinosaur, Hirsi Ali’s rejection of religion in favor of reason, intellect and emancipation seems to make everyone nervous. Typical is the British feminist who complained that not only does Hirsi Ali paint ‘the whole of the Islamic world with one black brush,’ she also ‘paints the whole of the Western world with rosy tints,’ which is, of course, far more objectionable.
In case you have been asleep, Ali escaped an arranged marriage (by not getting on her connecting flight in Germany en route to same) and got political asylum in the Netherlands, where she eventually was elected to the Dutch Parliament. Along the way, she wrote the screenplay for the film that got Theo Van Gogh killed.

She is now a Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute.

72-year-old Man Killed for Being Gay

gay flagJusticeLansing State Journal: Capitol dome crusader Andrew Anthos dies after attack I suppose beating a 72-year-old man to death proves what a "manly" man this goblin is - to himself at least.
DETROIT - A 72-year-old man attacked last week outside his downtown Detroit apartment building and left paralyzed from the neck down died Friday.

Andrew Anthos was on a city bus Feb. 13 when a man asked him if he was gay. The man followed Anthos off the bus at the stop in front of his building and beat him with a metal pipe.
Now I am not in favor of hate crimes legislation, because this heinous act doesn't need to be punished more severely than any other murder. The goof-ball (they don't say if he is identified or caught) should suffer the full penalty that Michigan gives to any other murderer. [h/t Queer Conservative]

Nice News Report on Home Security

10NBC / What do you do .... if someone breaks into your home? This is the standard list of things-to-do are covered in most home security courses. Locks (specifically, dead-bolts), peep-holes to see who is at your door, etc.

They always say lock your bedroom door and call 911 if you hear someone in your house. Of course if you have kids, you need to make sure they are safe before you barricade yourself somewhere.

I thought they could have done more. When I was teaching NRA classes, we recommended that you keep your cell phone - if you had one - in your bedroom. For 2 reasons. If you have an alarm system, it will take over your phone for a short period. Also, if the goblin knows you are home, he may have cut your regular phone line. (Not all home invaders are simple burglars.) Just keep the cellphone and charger on the nightstand.

The most amazing thing about this report is that they actually mention the f-word, firearms. The police in that county offer a firearms safety class, and they tell you how to get more info about it. And this is in Rochester, NY. [KABA]

Monday, February 26, 2007

The First Bombing of the Trade Center

Michelle Malkin: An anniversary forgotten February 26, 1993 the World Trade Center was attacked with a truck bomb.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

The LLama Butchers: Hoist By His Own Kilowattage It seems Gore uses about 20 times as much electricity as the national average just at his Nashville estate. So much for conservation.

More Police Behaving Badly

Couple sues after terrifying night You discover 2 men in the bedroom of your 10-year-old daughter at 1:15 in the morning. What do you do?

Of course the 2 men in question happen to be sheriff's deputies. Or at least one of them is.
In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Roanoke yesterday, Mark and Cheryl Hunsberger said Mark Hunsberger bolted into their screaming daughter's bedroom at 1:16 a.m. Feb. 2 to find Deputy J.A. Wood, in uniform, aiming a flashlight at the girl while another man tried to yank the bed covers off her.
The 10 million dollars is for violating their rights against unlawful search and seizure. There was no warrant, though the cops in question say "We had a reason to be there." They aren't saying what that reason is. (More shoddy investigations based on the word of drug-crazed informant?)

The cops, when the whole incident was reported, vowed to "investigate." They seem to be stonewalling.

The cops say that they knocked for 30 minutes before they broke in. No one inside heard anything. But if someone was knocking on my door at 1:00 in the morning, I wouldn't answer. If I heard anything I would (perhaps) call the police. And if I found someone in my house my first statement would be made with a .357 magnum.

[Hat tip to Bruce. Go take the survey on his site about what you would do in this situation.]

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another UN Relief Ship Hijacked by Pirates

Helena Independent Record - Pirates Hijack Food Aid Ship Off Somalia Pirates are not romantic, or funny or anything else that our modern culture insists on making them. Piracy is, in fact, a major international problem.
NAIROBI, Kenya - Pirates hijacked a cargo ship delivering U.N. food aid to northeastern Somalia on Sunday _ at least the third time since 2005 that a vessel contracted to the United Nations has been hijacked off the country's dangerous coast.

The ship, MV Rozen, had just dropped off more than 1,800 tons of food aid in the semiautonomous region of Puntland in northeastern Somalia when the pirates struck, said Stephanie Savariaud, a spokeswoman for the U.N.'s World Food Program.
No demands have been made and the state of the crew is unknown, but ransom is often a prime motivating factor - it is how these sea-borne terrorists finance their operations.
The 1,880-mile coast of Somalia, which has had no effective government since warlords ousted a dictatorship in 1991 and then turned on each other, has emerged as one of the most dangerous areas for ships.

Somali pirates are trained fighters, often dressed in military fatigues, using speedboats equipped with satellite phones and Global Positioning System equipment. They are typically armed with automatic weapons, anti-tank rocket launchers and various types of grenades, according to the U.N. Monitoring Group on Somalia.
Piracy - it isn't about software or music.

Homeowner Defends His Family, Police Consider Charges

Eastvale homeowner shoots intruder | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California The particulars of the case seem fairly straight forward.
A homeowner in Eastvale shot someone who he said was breaking into his home Monday morning, hitting the intruder in the foot, Riverside County sheriff's officials said.

About 45 minutes after the home invasion, a 17-year-old from Moreno Valley matching the suspect's description checked into Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley with a bullet wound.
So what do you do if a homeowner defends himself from a home invader? If you are police in the People's Republic of California, you see if there is some way to charge him.
Investigators are still exploring whether any charges should be filed against the homeowner.
Now the homeowner in question happens to be a reserve sheriff's deputy, so my guess in this case is that they won't charge him.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is a human right.

Alabama Doesn't Need Months to Recognize Self-defense

The Selma Times-Journal - Attempted robbery update: No charges filed against Doc's Fashions owner Several states routinely take weeks and months to concede that self-defense is legal. In a recent case in Alabama, only one week was needed.
Authorities say no charges will be filed against the businessman who was shot and returned fire killing an attempted robber last week.
Good. Self-defense is a human right.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cheney Doesn't Back Off

Cheney Remark Rankles Pelosi - You have got to admire him for speaking his mind if nothing else

While discussing Pelosi's reaction to his remarks on the Democratic plan for defeat, Cheney said,
She accused me of questioning her patriotism. I didn't question her patriotism. I questioned her judgment.

Cheney still maintains (as do most people with more than 1 brain cell) that letting al Queada win will be very bad in the long-term for America and the world.

Pelosi doesn't seem to get the idea that if you play hardball, you should wear a helmet. Especially if the other side is throwing at you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Even in Costa Rica, Self-defense is a right

BREITBART.COM - U.S. Tourist in Costa Rica Kills Mugger And this 70-year-old gets credit for doing the defending.
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) -- A tour bus of U.S. senior citizens defended themselves against a group of alleged muggers, sending two of them fleeing and killing a third in the Atlantic coast city of Limon, police said on Thursday.

One of the tourists _ a retired member of the U.S. military aged about 70 _ put assailant Warner Segura in a head lock and broke his clavicle after the 20-year-old and two other men armed with a knife and gun held up their tour bus Wednesday, said Luis Hernandez, the police chief of Limon, 80 miles east of San Jose.
The other two goof-balls fled when it became clear that a bus-load of senior citizens wasn't just going to role over and cooperate.

They drove the injured goblin to the Red Cross where he was declared dead. The group then left on their Carnival cruise. No charges are to be filed.
"They were in their right to defend themselves after being held up," Hernandez said.
Hat tip to Cowboy Blob

Meanwhile, in Gun-free England...

Tammy Bruce: London Facing Inexplicable Gun Crime Wave Yeah, that gun banning stuff is really working... for the criminals.

If they can't enact a ban on a small island (read the story by Mark Steyn) why do you think it will work anywhere?

Amen, Brother....

Alphecca: Why I Don't Bother With TV News I don't even own a TV.

And if you think the news is horrible, consider this When people try to tell why I am missing out by not watching their favorite show, and then try and explain it to me, I wonder what happened to all the IQ points in this country.

A Distrubing Trend in Illinois

Daily Herald | Kane County - A brutal spike in domestic violence The Story details some horrible occurrences in a county that is I suppose part of Suburban Chicago today.

One of the ones that really burned was this one.
Recently, Mutual Ground in Aurora had a brush with a new offender. A man broke both of his girlfriend’s arms so that she could no longer hold her 3-month-old baby. The reason? He was tired of the baby getting all the attention.
While the incidents are in one county, which is having a sever spike this year, the problem is seen statewide.
In the past, offenders took five to 20 years to build up to the level of violence advocates are now seeing in two years.
Welcome to the future.

Arizona Moving to Protect Lawful Arms

Protection against gun seizures in the offing | � The state will not be able to confiscate weapons in time of emergency.
What we [law's sponsors] want to make sure is that it's very clear to this governor, future governors, that they can't do what the government tried to do in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Gun Rights Move Forward in Utah | Gun bans may not be allowed in parking lots My car is my property. I enjoy (most of) the same protections against search and seizure in my car as I do in my home. Driving on public roads does not give the police unimpeded rights to search my car because it is my property.

Similarly what I store in my car should be of no interest to business owners.

Could they restrict me storing Democratic, Republican or Libertarian campaign literature in my car depending on what party they support? No. In fact they should enjoy no special privilege of searching my car just because I park in their parking lot.

The first law recognizes that fact.

The second law prohibits government from confiscating legally owned weapons during a disaster or emergency. The left is confused about why keeping law-abiding people armed is a good thing.
But Madsen said that when "your 911 services isn't going to do you any good," the responsibility for protecting loved ones will rest with gun owners.

He said his bill provides that "when times get really tough, the government can't step in and make it worse" for law-abiding citizens by taking away their means of protection.
"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help," is never something that you want to hear. [NRA-ILA]

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Less Than One Year Served for "Life Sentence?"

Leeds Today News - Masked gun raider jailed for life again If this was anyplace except the UK, I would say it was some kind of mistake. But in the UK, this is about as much justice as they meet out.

So this goof-ball was sentenced to life - and the judge said that life has to be at least 9 years. (Doesn't sound like "life" to me!)
After yesterday's unanimous guilty verdicts on charges of wounding with intent and possession of a firearm, it emerged that James was already serving life for a similar
offence. In May last year, he was given the maximum sentence for an armed raid on a takeaway shop in the Chapeltown area of Leeds.
So less than 1 year served for armed robbery. But the UK Home Office maintains they have crime under control. Right.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Clerks open fire on would-be robbers - FOX23 News (How did I miss this?) In case that the Brady Bunch will describe as "children tragically shot" 2 teenagers engaged in armed robbery were shot. Those 2 were arrested at a local hospital. The 3rd teen was arrested separately.
Police say the three walked into the pawn shop last night and one held a gun to a clerk's head while another began smashing display cases.

Investigators say a second clerk shot one of the robbers in the should and arm and a third clerk shot at another robber who was hit in the head by bullet fragments. None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.
But of course the Brady Bunch is wrong. There is nothing tragic about defending yourself and those around you from urban goblins.

Interesting Video

This is the fourth of's weekly adverts. At a time of rampant anti-Americanism this ad - produced with - aims to remind the world of the great economic, technological and political benefits that the US has brought to the world.

"Forgotten Refugees"

Opinion by Bonnie Henry : 'Forgotten Refugees' | � Funny you don't hear much about the Muslims' treatment of the Jews.
In the mid-1940s, close to 1 million Jews lived in the Middle East and North Africa outside of Palestine — some in communities dating back almost 3,000 years.

Only a few thousand Jews remain in the region today
No UN councils worry about it. No protests lament it. This phenomenon is just ignored - for the most part.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When is a Home Invader a Victim?

Teen Shoots, Kills Intruder At Family Home - News When the case is being described by the liberal media.
The 16-year-old said he heard glass breaking, got a gun from the master bedroom, encountered the intruder in the garage and shot him multiple times, [Clayton County Police Chief Jeff] Turner said.
No charges are filed at this time, but it sounds like the police (and maybe this news organization) hope that they will be.

Since members of the journalistic profession (so-called) can't wrap their tiny little minds around the idea of armed self-defense being legal, they call the dead guy (who was a home-invader) a victim. If you care to, you can let them know what you think of that characterization by writing an email to them.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Musical Geography Question of the Day

Where are you if?

Children are playing at being Pirates,
Godzilla is toasting cars with his breath,
Someone is out dancing in the rain, and
There are reports Elvis was seen in Michigan.
(Or maybe not)

You are Off to see the Lizard
I was raised by a maid who came from
She wore geckos round her neck and bracelets on her feet
A superstitious woman from the land of sugar cane
She'd sing the sun to bed and dance out in the rain
Dance out dance out dance out dance out in the rain

She'd excite us with his legend that the
Africans had told
About a red iguana who turned lava into gold
We'd mount an expedition headin' out into the bay
Superstitious children playing pirate for a day

Off to see the lizard
Off to see the lizard
Deja deja deja vu, believe it
And it will come true
Veja Veja Veja du
What works for me might work for you

Bein' rich and famous seems to have its ups and downs
That's the price you pay for being troubadours and clowns
Godzilla's halitosis it be vaporizing cars
Elvis up in Michigan or maybe out on Mars
Dance out dance out dance out to the stars

But livin' in the briar patch ain't what it appears
Sooner or later you gotta face your fears
I heard it from the parrot verbalizing in the tree
I heard it in the song lines of the aborigine

Off the see the lizard
Off the see the lizard
Deja deja deja vu, believe it
And it will come true
Veja veja veja du
What works for me might work for you

Does it work for me?
Yeah yeah
Will it work for you?
Yeah yeah
If you believe it will
Yeah yeah
It will come true

I got problems with my brain underneath my curls
Problems with Loraine and all the other girls
Love a wealthy woman and the pretty plane she flies
If you think this songs confusing you should see it through my
Dancin, dancin, dancin through my eyes

I'm turning off the waterfall the tourists can go home
Feel it time to travel time to write a poem
Time to seek some therapy I'm goin' walkabout
Answers are the easy part questions raise the doubt

Off the see the lizard
Off to see the lizard
Deja deja deja vu, believe it
And it will come true
Veja veja veja du
What works for me might work for you

Deja deja deja vu, believe it
And it will come true
Veja veja veja du
What works for me might work for you

Believe It or Not? Not is the Right Answer Content / / Anatomy of a Hoax I wish I could quote this whole article, but since I can't I'll have to leave it to you to read the whole thing. But the closing is a gem.
Short form: If everybody is saying it, it's probably wrong.

Finally, keep your hand on your wallet. Proclaimers of catastrophe almost always call for expensive government studies, programs, even entire departments, to address their complaints. Government began way back in the Primatene mists when somebody threw a barrier across a road and demanded a bribe for passage. Governance, a necessary evil, starts with extortion. Resist any demand to make that extortion any worse than it has to be.
Not just about global warming.

Cooperate with Criminals to Be Safe? It's No Guarantee

IOL: Robbers shoot begging restaurant employee The Left loves to say things like if you cooperate with criminals you will be safe. If you give them what they want, they won't hurt you. (They never talk about women and rape while giving this advice.)

But the advice is bogus in any context.
A terrified Tom Sundawo gave the robbers the money they wanted and, kneeling on the floor with his back to them, he begged them not to shoot him.

They didn't heed his desperate pleas and callously shot him in the head.
He is fighting for his life with a bullet lodged in his brain.

Revisit that.... He did what they said. He gave them the money they asked for. It did not keep him safe.

Don't expect the Left to do anything except to say how if the criminals did not have guns they couldn't have shot him. No one will wonder if in the absence of guns he would have been stabbed or bludgeoned. These guys were eliminating a witness. They would have used whatever means was at their disposal to do so.

Weasels Worth Watching

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post, here is the most recent winning non-council post, here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Do the Same Rules Apply to Everyone?

Facing theft charges, fire captain getting paid, but agrees to retire It is the mark of police state, dictatorship, or other not nice place when one group of people gets to live by a separate set of rules.

Consider a Fire Captain of the Jersey City Fire Department.
Capt. Thomas Verdon was arrested on Dec. 13 after reportedly burglarizing a Clinton Avenue house owned by Ted Brunson, the director of Jersey City's Afro-American Museum.

Verdon was arrested and charged with burglary and theft, reports said. But the same day, those charges were downgraded to defiant trespass - a disorderly persons offense.
Now, he wasn't tried and convicted of the lessor offense. He was given a break by the powers-that-be.
On Dec. 13, a neighbor said he saw Verdon walking out of the garage of the boarded-up house on Clinton Avenue. The home, which was slated for renovation, had recently been marked by firefighters as a vacant building.

The neighbor said Verdon, who was carrying two stained-glass windows and a crowbar, told him he was working for the home's owner - but then didn't know the owner's name. The neighbor said Verdon then dropped the crowbar and the neighbor picked it up and made Verdon wait until cops arrived.

Brunson later identified the windows, as well as an antique china cabinet found in Verdon's van, as his property.
If this isn't "caught in the act" I don't know what is, and while I agree that he should get his day in court, that trip to the courthouse should be for what happened.

But the powers-that-be in Jersey City apparently gave a break to one of their own. Verdon is currently taking all of his accrued vacation time, sick time and personal days. (Which means he is not on suspension, really.) The current Chief of the Department says Verdon won't work in a Fire House again.

If the director of Jersey City's Afro-American Museum was caught burglarizing the home a Fire Department Captain, do you think the charges would have been reduced? "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." [Hat Tip New Jersey Justice]

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Charleston, SC - News - Home Invasion Shooting Armed home-invader kicks down the back door to home.
Police say a man who lives in the home managed to take the gun away from the suspect and fired shots. Captain Jon Rogers with the Summerville Police Department says, "The guy that came in the house was armed and the homeowner got the gun away form him and ended up shooting him. The homeowner did the right thing. His house was secured, the gentleman kicked in the back door, and he didn't do anything wrong."
The goblin was treated for a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He faces "burglary, armed robbery, weapons, and drug charges." The homeowner will not be charged.

Self-defense is a human right.

Civil Unions Now Law in New Jersey

Gay FlagU.S. and World News - Civil Unions For Gays Now Available in New Jersey The sanctity of your marriage just took another hit... Or did it?
TEANECK, N.J. (AP) -- Hundreds of gay couples received the same legal protections as married couples early Monday when a law making New Jersey the third state in the nation to offer civil unions took effect.
3 states. Plus the situation in the UK, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Israel, Germany, New Zealand, Slovenia, Portugal, etc. I'm surprised the institution of (heterosexual) marriage hasn't ceased to exist.

Or could it be that all those people in all those countries enjoying marriage or civil partnership rights don't impact you in the least?

A Real Change? Or Just a PR Campaign?

Gulfnews: 'Honour' killing of teen spurs outcry in Syria The Religion of Peace is suddenly taking note of "Honor Killings" by Islamic men. (The article talks about families, but it is always the father/brother/uncle that does the deed.)

The case that generated the "outrage" happened in the big city, not the outback. (Sure, it was all those ignorant rubes in the country.... not really a reflection of Islam.)
: Sixteen-year-old Zahra Ezzo died at the hospital last month after a brutal attack. But it was her brother who confessed to killing her‚ and her family who appointed him to carry out the murder.

Some experts estimate that 200 to 300 honour killings like Zahra's occur every year in Syria. Most receive little or no attention. But Zahra's murder‚ in part because it happened in the capital and not a rural area
Those damn rural areas!

The head honcho as decreed "that such crimes are un-Islamic." I'll hold my breath about the improvement in the treatment of women.

But is this really a change? Or just window dressing?

Consider this... instructions on "How to Beat Your Wife" and stay within "Allah's Law!" (Watch it fast, I'm sure You Tube will ban it at the request of CAIR before too long!)

This isn't an isolated incident. Simply Jews, who provided the link to the video has more on this subject. A lot more.

Where is the outrage on the Left? Where is the Left? Oh, yeah, they are still quoting Michael Moore about how happy the Moeslems were before we got involved. (Doesn't sound like the women were all that happy.) But hey, what's ignoring a little oppression compared to beating the Republicans?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Quote of the Day

Discussing the fact that the military has discharged a whole bunch of Farsi (Iranian) and Arabic linguists under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) observed...
For some reason, the military seems more afraid of gay people than they are (of) terrorists, but they’re very brave with the terrorists. If the terrorists ever got hold of this information, they’d get a platoon of lesbians to chase us out of Baghdad.
Heh, indeed. [Hat Tip SLDN]

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

JusticePolice: Homeowner Fatally Shot Man During Break-In - Local News A single woman is home alone, when 2 guys break into her apartment. What do you think she should do?
A 20-year-old woman in the apartment told officers she shot the man, identified as Derrick Thorton, 20, of Beloit, Wis. as he broke into her apartment.
One is dead; the other is in custody on a charge of murder. (The killing took place while he was engaged in a crime - that makes him responsible under Indiana law.)
"It's totally not tolerated," said a neighbor, who did not wish to be identified. "She did what she was supposed to do -- a single woman ... she defended herself (when) someone came in on her."
Self-defense is a Human Right.

Another ex-boyfriend who doesn't know how to move on

Camden Chronicle Independent: His feelings got hurt, apparently.
"Victim No. 1 had an obvious puncture wound to the lung area because air was coming out," the reporting officer wrote. "(I) got him to sit down and gave him towels to put over the wound to apply pressure."

Another deputy checked on Watson's 18-year-old ex-girlfriend, who was reported to have severe lacerations to the back torso and fell unconscious. Both she and the male victim were airlifted to Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital, according to the report. The girl's mother, who suffered from lacerations to her left thigh, was transported to Palmetto Richland by Emergency Medical Services, where she was reportedly treated and released.
When police arrived the goblin was there, covered in blood. The first thing he did was turn around and wait to be put into handcuffs.

Oleg Volk has some interesting points about school violence

Israeli Teachers Defend their students from Terrorists,

We disarm ours.

Why is that?

Friday's Fable

Grizzly Mama: Aesop's Fable Friday The Dog and the Shadow

Why do they commit the murder first?

911 Call Released In Murder-Suicide - Local News A police officer killed his wife and then himself because he was "distraught" over their upcoming divorce.

Two kids - aged 3 and 6 - are now orphans.

If he wanted to kill himself, he should have gotten help. Why did he feel it was necessary to kill her first?

Concealed Carry and "No Guns" Signs

AP Wire | 02/16/2007 | Gun owners press Hutchinson stores to allow concealed weapons Hard to believe this is an AP wire story - even if they did give the GFWs the last word.
At Egbert Liquor, manager Roy Freeman said an employee posted a sign in the store, and Freeman took it down.

"If they have a license to carry it, it doesn't bother me," Freeman said. "The guy coming to rob you isn't going to have a license. We're pretty much familiar with 90 percent of the clientele that comes through our door. That other 10 percent I don't know, if they're coming to rob us, I hope one of those carrying a concealed weapon will save our lives."
Or what amounts to my favorite argument.
"If you want to put up a sign that says 'no crooks or sleazebags or dishonest people,' it's going to be ignored," [an advocate of concealed carry] added. "But crooks will see this sign and think, 'Great, I don't have to be concerned about law-abiding citizens.'"
You might as well put up a "No Crime Allowed" sign. Yeah, that will work.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meanwhile, in Gun-free England...

One dead, three hurt in fresh shootings | Uk News | News | Telegraph That ban is really working out.
Crime bosses behind the drugs trade - the driving force behind much of Britain's gun crime - have little chance of being brought to justice, the head of the new "British FBI" admitted last week. Sir Stephen Lander, chairman of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, said the extent of drug dealing was "frightening". He added: "If you are an organised crook for 20 years, you have a 5 per cent chance of getting nicked."
They can't spend more on prisons, but they are going to spend £30 million to stop people from smoking in public places. (That's 58.5 million US dollars)

Another Step Toward Big Brother in England

Labour will force everyone to give fingerprints at ID card interview centres | Uk News | News | Telegraph Everyone will have to give fingerprints to the government. And you will have to travel - on your own time at your own expense - up to 100 miles or more, to do so.

A Mother Defends Her Children

WBIR.COM - Mother fires three shots at intruder You're home with your kids when someone breaks into your kitchen. What do you do?
[Suzanne] Carson went for a gun, with only one thought.

"The first thing actually was my kids," Carson said.

She thought, "Ok, I'm going to have to do something to protect them."
Yelling at the guy didn't stop. The first gunshot didn't stop him - he came into the house after the first shot. The next 2 shots scared him away. (Police don't know if he was hit or not.)
It scares Carson to even think about what he wanted, this time.

She believes he was also outside her home Thursday night, when she was home alone with her children again.

"They actually tried to open one of the playroom windows," she explained.
She knows what she will do. What would you do?

While I believe self-defense is a human right, I also believe that parents are morally obligated to protect their children.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Meanwhile, in Gun-free England...

BBC NEWS | UK | How Trident hones in on gun crime So much for a ban.
But officials acknowledge that the number of overall offences involving firearms has increased every year since 1997/98.

Castle Doctrine Advances in 2 States

Missouri and New Mexico consider changes

Carlsbad Current-Argus - Bill would help us defend ourselves
Perhaps the most interesting one of the lot is House Bill 163, officially titled Justifiable Use of Defense Force. It's also known as the Castle Doctrine - as in "a man's home is his castle." And yes, it entails exactly what you might imagine, the proposition that a New Mexican should have the right to use force - even deadly force - in defending his home, his life, his family or his property if he has a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm. The bill would apply to illegal and forcible entry of a home, its immediate premises or a vehicle.
They are also considering stiffer penalties for using a gun in a crime, and some minor changes to concealed carry.

Columbia Missourian - Deadly force bill revived
The bill would in most cases make an intruder’s mere presence grounds for using deadly force.
Not Stand Your Ground, but it does include vehicles.

Why "Stand Your Ground" is Needed - No Charges Against Homeowner Who Killed Intruder In November Gerald Whaley shot a teen-aged home invader. It was a fairly clear case of a homeowner reacting to a threat in the middle of the night - a home-invader with a flashlight at the door of the bedroom.

But it took until this week for prosecutors to convince themselves that it wasn't worth while to prosecute this elderly gentleman. Even leaning time for the holidays, it shouldn't have taken that long to admit that self-defense is a human right.

Renewable Energy

GE's green power portfolio expands by 6 wind farms in $270m deal Still think that everything the greens have to say is bogus? Well, some heavy-hitters are betting on some of the green agenda.
GE believes its total wind farm portfolio could account for up to $20 billion of group revenues by 2010.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Diifferent Take on "It's about children"

Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance It's simple really, if gay marriage should be outlawed because marriage is about kids, then declare any marriage without kids null and void.
The way we are challenging Andersen [ruling about gay-marriage in Washington State] is unusual: using the initiative, we are working to put the Court’s ruling into law. We will do this through three initiatives. The first would make procreation a requirement for legal marriage. The second would prohibit divorce or legal separation when there are children. The third would make the act of having a child together the legal equivalent of a marriage ceremony.

Absurd? Very. But there is a rational basis for this absurdity. By floating the initiatives, we hope to prompt discussion about the many misguided assumptions which make up the Andersen ruling.
Hey, if marriage is about kids, it is about kids.
If passed by Washington voters, the Defense of Marriage Initiative would:
  • add the phrase, “who are capable of having children with one another” to the legal definition of marriage;
  • require that couples married in Washington file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage automatically annulled;
  • require that couples married out of state file proof of procreation within three years of the date of marriage or have their marriage classed as “unrecognized;”
  • establish a process for filing proof of procreation; and
  • make it a criminal act for people in an unrecognized marriage to receive marriage benefits.
It should be interesting to see what discussions this creates. [Via Goosing the Antithesis]

Brave Sir Robin - Baghdad Style

Hold The Mayo: Brave al Sadr

Colorado Takes One More Step Toward "Stand Your Ground"

Rocky Mountain News - Fortify 'make my day' They aren't there yet, but it is a start.

The "Make My Day" law currently applies only to people in their own homes. The legislature is on track to include anyone in their place of business.

The Left of course is having a fit, making the usual set of bogus claims.
Opponents act as if the bill would declare open season on innocent Coloradans. Rep. Gwyn Green, D-Golden, said Wednesday, "This legislation encourages a culture of violence. . . . We don't just blow people away."

But HB 1011 would not allow a dishwasher to shoot a drunk who innocently stumbled into a restaurant kitchen and passed out. To avoid prosecution, there must be a reasonable belief that the intruder planned to commit a crime or intended to harm the diners or staff.
But saying that doesn't help the Left.

Restraining Orders Not the Answer

Ex-wife-killing suspect had restraining order | � A restraining order is an interesting legal document, but it won't protect you from a crazed killer.

He is only charged, not convicted, but the point remains - if you think you need a restraining order, then you probably need more than that.

A Conservative Run for President?

Here comes Newt Not likely. [H/T Tammy Bruce]

Kansas Rejoins the 20th Century Again

ABC News: Kansas Rewrites Science Standards Again I wonder how long it will last this time.

Microsoft Security is an Oxymoron

New Fronts in Microsoft Security Battle - I love the hack where you can take control of a Vista PC just by having a web-site issue commands in English, taking advantage of the voice capabilities in Vista. As WaPo says, "a remarkably low-tech hack."

Add to this the "feature" that you can only install MS approved device drivers on 64-bit Vista, and the whole thing seems a waste.

Large numbers of small electronics companies make things to connect a ships navigation instruments to PCs. Not to mention the uses we make of Ham Radio (for things like email from the middle of the ocean). Few of them will have the 40 grand required for "approval." Sounds like blackmail to me. HW vendors can get device drivers Linux certified for free. (Ubuntu anyone?)

Given this took place in New York, they will hang this guy out to dry

Democrat & Chronicle: Man shot dead in alleged burglary attempt Same old story. Goblin shot during the commission of a crime. But in the Great (sic) State of New York, self-defense is frowned upon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

North Dakota and "Stand Your Ground"

Fargo Forum Editorial Board Registers Yet Another Shrill Reaction To Stand Your Ground Bill | North Dakota News This from a CBS affiliate.
Refuting the wild-eyed rhetoric about North Dakota’s “stand your ground” bill has become tiresome, but one can hardly let this bit of ridiculous pap from the Fargo Forum pass unchallenged.
The real story?
Notice that the criteria for when deadly self defense is warranted does not change. It remains constant Under current law a citizen is not justified in using deadly force unless they are protecting themselves or others against death, serious bodily injury or the commission of a felony involving violence. Which means that even should the “stand your ground” bill pass you would not be justified in shooting anyone who simply comes on to your property, nor would you be justified in shooting a fleeing attacker in the back.
The only thing that changes is dropping the "duty to retreat."

Gratuitous Musical Posting

Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express What is German for "Power Station?" Kraftwerk

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Mine Your Own Business" on National Review Online

Peter Suderman on Mine Your Own Business on National Review Online Peter Suderman takes a look at the film that is driving the greenie left nuts.
The environmental movement is clearly afraid of this film, and it should be. Mine Your Own Business, Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer’s clear-eyed look at the true impacts of mining and the nefarious tactics of its opponents, exposes the self-satisfied delusions of the environmental Left, putting lie to a host of deadly, anti-growth canards and revealing the smug elitism of many green advocates.
They claim to want to preserve "pastoral tranquility." Which includes residents in the proposed mining towns using out-houses in freezing cold weather.

McAleer took the radical step of actually talking to people in the areas where Greenpeace, et al is fighting mines, and listening to them is much different than listening to the elites.

And as a bonus, you can meet some of the protesters - courtesy of Mary Katharine Ham

[Hat tip MYOB]

A Taste of Reality Invades the Ivory Tower

“No Time for This” - The real world is a nasty place.

“No Time for This” is what one Harvard student said to his assailants just before he was robbed. Smart kid. Of course his scheduling problems didn't stop him from being robbed. Reality is inconsiderate like that. Disaster strikes without any reference to your social schedule.

Anyway this is a good piece of writing that reflects on the nature of reality and the nature of the ivory tower. [Hat tip Smallest Minority]

The Most Dangerous Time is When You Try to Leave

Howell woman died in a hail of bullets After 21 years they were getting divorced. She got a restraining order.
[Gina] Sgambati, 51, was sitting in her silver PT Cruiser outside Dress Barn in Howell Commons when her estranged husband, Sebastian Sgambati, blocked her in with his Mercedes and fired a .25-caliber handgun through the window of the driver's side of her car around 3 p.m., authorities said.
She was struck 5 times.

A restraining order is an interesting legal document. It won't protect you from violence. The police arrived after Ms. Sgambati was already dead.

The husband? He killed himself when confronted by police.

Prosecutors Don't Like the Castle Doctine

New bill could give homeowners right to shoot intruder Arkansas is considering a version of the Castle Doctrine legislation. (I think this has passed in 15 states.)

Since they don't like it, they are trotting out the old "Wild West" arguments. Maybe they should look around the nation at states that have this law. But why confuse the issue with facts? They don't like the law; they will attack the law.

Could You Come Up with a More Biased Headline?

Woman Claims Self Defense In Gaston County Shooting, Won't Be Charged - Charlotte News She claims it was self defense. But the paper seems to think there is some doubt about why she shot her ex-husband.

The DA is not confused. She will NOT be facing charges. [KABA]

North Dakota House OKs Castle Doctrine

North Dakota House OKs deadly force bill Not the full "Stand Your Ground," but it's a start.

The same tired arguments are being trotted out by the opponents of the bill. "Shoot first" etc.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finally a City Recognizes That Criminals Are the Problem

200 LAPD officers target 11 violent gangs - Los Angeles Times So they are targeting those criminals.

Over all of LA, gang crime is up 14%. In some areas it increased 160%.
"Eleven gangs and their 800 members committed over 1,700 violent crimes last year," Bratton said. "That's 6% of all the violent crime in the city. It makes sense to focus our very limited resources on these criminals."
At least they recognize what the problem is. [NRA-ILA]

Friday, February 09, 2007

Global Warming

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Global Warming - don't believe the hype A real scientist brings our attention to a real scientist.
Consensus is different from fact: 95% of 4 year olds believe in Santa, but this doesn't make him REAL, does it? So why should we believe something just because a majority of pinheads with PhDs do?
If 75% of the population thinks that the earth is flat, does that make them right?


Bruce says that pissing off PETA is One Of Life's Easier Choices (I'm all in favor of pissing off PETA, but I am NOT in favor of cold weather. I guess I will have to settle for a steak.)

Monica, over at Grizzly Mama, has everything you want to know about home schooling, in Unschooling

Beth says that when the Iranians talk about nuclear war They’re just kidding. (NOT!)

The Poles are going to replace a Soviet-era statue with a statue of Ronald Regan. If they can come up with the money.

Carter - when in office - thought there were too many Jews on the Holocaust Memorial Council. There's no prejudice in that stance, is there? (I guess he hasn't changed much.)

Another ex-boyfriend who doesn't know the meaning of "finished" - Man Critical After Killing Intruder
"The old boyfriend followed her here, kicked the door in, forced his way in, confronted the new boyfriend with a firearm and they shot each other," said Major James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff's Office.
The old boyfriend is dead. The new boyfriend is in the hospital in critical condition - he was shot in the chest.

More on "Concealing the Facts"

Letters to the Editor The New York Sun exposed a bunch of errors lies in a New York Times editorial. But they didn't get them all. John Lott ads a few bits of clarifying information. [Hat Tip NRA-ILA] The original story can be found here.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quote of the Day

William Tecumseh Sherman
I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are. If I killed them all there would be news from Hell before breakfast.

- General William Tecumseh Sherman
See also this post at Llama Butchers.

William Tecumseh Sherman's B-Day

Yipps (or is it Orgles?) to Robbo at The LLama Butchers for reminding me. Gratuitous Civil War Posting has the details.

A Balanced Article on Self-Defense?

JusticeWhen intruder enters, what's your best move? Well almost balanced, if not in fact balanced.

The gun-fearing weenies are of course screaming about "the children," but the author is pretty good about detailing both sides of the argument. At least they don't just accept the Brady Bunch's numbers at face value.
Research regarding weapons and self-defense in the United States appears to be incomplete, contradictory or outdated. Some of it suggests that keeping a gun in the home could actually be more dangerous for the residents, while other data indicate that those who put up armed resistance are more able to fend off harm or loss of property.
Most reporters just rely on the Brady Bunch's web-site for their "research."

The author also details two stories - one about successful self-defense, and another where the goblin took the gun away from the homeowner.

Of course what I always tell people is that the goblin should never get that close. If you aren't willing to empty the magazine into someone, don't have a gun.

Still, it isn't the kind of reporting on guns and self-defense one usually sees.

What does this say about the way boys are being raised?

Victim works to halt teen dating violence
Girl shares her story to raise awareness of little-known issue

Are they getting these ideas from home and family, from the media, from peers? In any event it seems that the young men in this country are becoming a violent bunch.
Females between the ages of 16 and 24 are more vulnerable to intimate partner violence than any other age group -- at a rate almost triple the national average, according to a 2001 U.S. Department of Justice report.

About 1 in 3 teenagers reported knowing a friend or peer who had been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, choked or physically hurt by their partner, according to a February 2005 study on teen dating abuse from Teenage Research Unlimited, a national research firm specializing in youth.
And before you congratulate yourselves that this kind of thing only happens in certain kinds of towns (poor), you might reflect on the fact that the girl profiled in this article is from Palo Alto, California. This may not be the most expensive place to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it isn't skid row either. These things are happening in suburban high schools all over the country.

You can't fix a problem, if you won't admit that you have a problem.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How Exactly Does This Impact "Traditional Marriage?"

BREITBART.COM - Pope says traditional family in 'crisis' The Pope is up in arms about a law in Italy granting legal status to unmarried couples - same-sex-couples included.

Exactly how does this impact traditional marriage? Oh, I see, people aren't forced into arranged marriages by their families - as was traditionally done. So the fact that people choose for themselves is the problem.

Gays are not going to enter into straight marriages because you won't let us marry who we want to marry. Gays are going to live together whether or not you recognize our unions legally. The only thing you do by denying us the right to form marriages or civil unions is deny us the legal rights straights enjoy. (Inheritance, medical decision making, insurance, etc.) Gays already raise children, so you can drop that as a reason excuse.

Furthermore, our relationships are not a threat to your marriage. If you see it that way, you should get some counseling.

If straight marriage is in "crisis," as the Pope and Fred Phelps seem to believe, then it got there without our help. Is easy and simple divorce a problem? That isn't the gays fault. Straights enacted those laws over the past 50 years. Are people not taking responsibility for raising their kids (and I don't just mean dead-beat dads)? That isn't the gays fault. Are couples choosing to live together rather than get married? That isn't our fault either.

Saying that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of straight marriage is bovine scatology (at best). Liz Taylor had how many marriages? Jo Lo? Why is it that Brad Pitt left his (ex) wife and got together with Angelina, and what impact did that have on the sanctity of straight marriage? Blaming gays for the state of straight marriage (if it is in a "state") is just a convenient cover for prejudice.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Crime in the UK

Jump up and down and shout to beat street crime | the Daily Mail Where is John Cleese when you need him?

I won't go into all of the stupid details of this story, see The Smallest Minority for that. Kevin does a much better job dealing with this than I would.

But I would like to make one point. The Government is busy patting themselves on the back because the crime survey shows crime is down. Great. There are still problems.
And there was a 46 per cent surge in householders suffering the terror of being robbed at gunpoint in their home.
At gunpoint? I thought guns were banned in England. Of course those robbers assaulting people in their own homes have absolutely nothing to worry about. Brits are forbidden to defend themselves, and in the rare case where there is some backbone left in the British householder, any attempt at self-defense will be punished later with every means available, up to and including prison time.

I'm sorry, but a 46% increase in home-invasion-robberies doesn't sound like the government has crime under control.

[Some hand wringing at A Tangled Web. Am surprised that there aren't more comments.]

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0 - Tulsa Homeowner Shoots And Kills Intruder Some urban goblin is trying to kick in the door to your house. What do you do?
The homeowners told police the man had started banging, then kicking on their door. The husband said he went to get his gun and when the door started to give way, he pulled the trigger.
THe evidence matches their story, and the police are investigating this as a justifiable homicide. No one was arrested.

The prosecutor has to figure out if the "Make My Day" law applies.

Self-defense is a human right

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I want to live in New Zealand

Did you know that the whole f#%@ing country closes down for "summer holiday?" Neither did I.

I am trying to order some electronics from a company down there. (Don't ask) They won't even take my order over their web-site's Pay Pal system. They are closed until February 12th. I don't know when this holiday started, but it was at least last week. Could it have been over Christmas?

Friday's Fable

Grizzly Mama: Aesop's Fable Friday Poor doggy!

Maybe "Truce" Doesn't Mean What I Think It Means

Gaza fighting continues despite ceasefire deal - Yahoo! News Was there ever a truce?
At one of Gaza City's many checkpoints, one stopped driver shouted to another: "It seems the (ceasefire) agreement last night melted by morning."
Gunfire could be heard in the background when they were announcing the truce. What does that mean?

Or could it be, that they are hoping by announcing a truce, they can get the West to start supplying aid again? No, they aren't that stupid. (But I am that cynical.)

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

Defensive use of a handgun, caught on video, courtesy of Video.
Fearless clerks and digital cameras helping keep a cap on crime.
Both would-be robbers were caught by a police a few blocks from the store. [Hat tip to John Lott]

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This Comes From a New York Paper?

LibertyConcealing the Facts - February 2, 2007 - The New York Sun Let's look at the truth about Florida and concealed carry.
Since the Jack Hagler Self Defense Act went into effect in 1987, crime in Florida has gone down by almost every measure there is. According to statistics provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, firearm murders in Florida between 1987 and 2005 dropped in real terms to 521 from 697. Expressed as the number of firearm murders per 100,000 persons, the drop is even more dramatic, to 2.9 from 5.8. That's a change of 50%. The drop in violent crime overall is less precipitous but equally steady, including drops in the rates of murder, aggravated assault, robbery, and sexual assault.

It is difficult to argue that permitting more persons to carry concealed weapons in and of itself caused this drop in crime, although some have tried. Causal relationships of that nature are notoriously tricky to pin down, and the relationship between crime and concealed carry has been explored in academic circles for years, with little consensus. But it's even harder, given the statistics, to argue that legalizing the carry of concealed weapons has increased crime. Or that it has had some terrible adverse consequence.
The people at the New York Times are just all hot and bothered over the fact that the citizens of Florida are not dependent on the state for our well being. Some of us take responsibility for our own safety.

Self-defense is a human right, but if I am denied access to effective means of defense, my rights mean nothing. [NRA-ILA]

Denial - also a river in Canada (and elsewhere)

London Free Press - City & Region - Yes, bad things do happen here, too I am always - well, not amazed exactly - but I find it hard to believe that otherwise sane adults live in little fantasy worlds.

You can always find neighbors who are "shocked" to discover that they don't live in Pleasantville, but in the real world.
Whenever something bad happens in this city, you can pretty much bet that somebody is going to say something like, "I never thought this would happen here."
Although this story is about a city in Canada, these quotes come from all over. From people living in Washington DC (crime only happens in some parts of the city) to those living behind gates in their private communities, otherwise reasonable people think they are immune to crime in society.

Here is a clue: If you are reading this, you live in the real world, and in the real world there is violent crime. You may find yourself having to deal with it at some point in your life. It is easier to make a plan sitting at home about how you will react, than it is when someone is threatening you with violence. We do what we plan. If you plan nothing, you will do nothing.

Police Lie to Get Convictions?

BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Edinburgh and East | Pc admits falsifying court notes
Say it ain't so!

But of course of it is so.
Sundeep Patel, 29, told Edinburgh Sheriff Court he had altered evidence to cover-up the accused man's claim that he had acted in self-defence.
I mean be reasonable. If he had acted in self-defense he might be innocent of a crime. And that just wouldn't look good on this month's quota reports.

Also if we let people go around defending themselves from violent attack, pretty soon they may become self-sufficient in all kinds of ways, and not completely dependent on government for every little decision in their lives.

Who would want that? </sarcasm>
[Hat tip KABA]

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Corruption on the Democratic Side of the Senate

News & Culture in CA | Dianne Feinstein: A Question of Ethics Color me unsurprised.
As a member of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, Sen. Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions to her husband's firms
Can you say, "Conflict of Interest?" I knew you could.
[Wendell Rawls, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C.,] comments, "Sen. Feinstein has had a serious conflict of interest, a serious insensitivity to ethical considerations. The very least she should have done is to recuse herself from having conversations, debates, voting or any other kind of legislative activity that involved either Perini Corporation or URS Corporation or any other business activity where her husband's financial interests were involved.

"I cannot understand how someone who complains so vigorously as she has about conflicts of interest in the government and Congress can have turned such a deaf ear and a blind eye to her own. Because of her level of influence, the conflict of interest is just as serious as the Halliburton-Cheney connection."
Sort of like a raving gun-controller having a concealed carry permit. Oh, wait.... [via mAss Backwards]

The Deacons for Defense and Justice

Liberty[This is a post from last year, with almost no reworking on my part. But time is in short supply this year.]

I first heard of Deacons for Defense (the title of this post reflects their full name) via a movie by that name, which starred Forest Whittaker. (IMDB lists it as being made-for-TV, so I assume it was HBO or Bravo or the like.) I thought it was quite good. It dealt with the very real danger blacks in Louisiana and around the country faced as they fought for the their civil rights. While most of the Civil Rights movement had adopted non-violence, they were really dependent to a large extent on the Deacons to provide low-key, armed security.

One of my favorite descriptions of the Deacons comes from Gun Owners of America.
During a desegregation effort at the Jonesboro High School, the authorities brought up fire trucks and prepared to hose the black students attempting to enter the school. The Deacons pulled up and four men publicly loaded shotguns and then made it plain that the lead was for the firemen if they turned the hoses on. The firemen wisely beat a retreat.

This was a very significant event. This was a self-defense effort in the spirit of the American War for Independence. The government was attempting to exercise illegitimate power ... and it was repulsed by the use of community force -- by the militia, if you will.

The Deacons were in the great tradition of American freedom -- liberty is not given by tyrants and thugs, it is wrested from their hands by force.
The Deacons first came to light in Jonesboro, Louisiana after the Chief of Police led a Ku Klux Klan motorcade through black neighborhoods. The Deacons informed the Chief that further incursions would be met with force. (A Klan motorcade was not a peaceful drive in the country. More like a multiple-car drive-by. Though sometimes the violence was just implied, it was still an instrument of terror.) The motorcades stopped after they met armed citizens defending their communities. After a group of Klansmen were fired upon when they set fire to a cross in a clergyman's yard, that also stopped. Jonesboro saw effective self-defense on another occasion.
When Deacon Elmo Jacobs was driving a carload of white civil rights workers, they were fired upon and took a load of buckshot in the door of Jacobs' car. Jacobs returned fire and the Klan attack ended immediately -- and for good.
The bulk of the article from Gun Owners of America seems to be based on a piece of scholarship by Tulane University Professor Lance Hill. His book, The Deacons for Defense: Armed Resistance and the Civil Rights Movement is published by the University of North Carolina Press.

Hill found one of the truths of gun control that the Left loves to sweep under the rug.
In Bogalusa, LA, Hill found that the police made no attempt to stop the attacks and in fact took pains to arrest blacks who had armed themselves in self defense. In other words, gun control was simply a tool of people control and had nothing to do with fighting crime. Had crime control been the concern, plenty of opportunities had come and gone to arrest the Klan.
Furthermore, only when blacks actually defended themselves - shooting a white man at point blank range in the chest - did it become less likely that whites would attack. That shooting also forced the mobilization of the military and national guard to enforce desegregation. (After all, now whites were getting shot too!)

Dr. Condoleezza Rice Remembered that time, when growing up in “Bombingham, Alabama”
growing up in Bull Conner's Birmingham, Ala., when the shotgun wielded by her father was often the only thing that stood between her family and the Ku Klux Klan.
This is why Dr. Rice does not support gun control.

Since this was taking place in the 1960s, the FBI got involved. They followed the Deacons from 1965 (shortly after it was founded) until 1972 when it became inactive. The FBI's web site on Freedom of Information Act inquiries has the available info - 1580 pages of information, memos, etc. FBI agent Frank Hicks told blacks in Bogalusa, LA that any shooting would result in a murder charge.
He did not explain where the FBI had any legal or constitutional authority for such a move, but the Deacons were not interested in a scholarly debate. They simply told Hicks that self defense is a constitutional right. Hicks got the message.
Self-defense is a human right.

The Left says "call the police and wait for help." But not that long ago, there were whole sections of the population that could expect nothing in the way of help from police. The police were part of the problem; either actively participating in Klan activities, or passively looking the other way while the Klan did as it pleased. Even today, not everyone can expect calling the police will bring help.

The civil rights movement always looked to Gandhi and India's non-violent revolution for inspiration. (They still do.) But the Left always misses one thing in this analogy. India was governed by the British aristocracy, and they cared how they looked to the world as reported by the press. Non-violence did not work with the Klan, because they did not care how they looked to East Coast liberals. They were perfectly willing to deal out violence to further their aims. The same was true of Nazi Germany. (Stalinist Russia didn't have to worry about the press - they were in its pocket.)

The Deacons for Defense and Justice did not plead to be given their rights. They did not beg to be taken seriously. They made sure they were taken seriously. They took action and fought for their rights, and they defended themselves, their families and their communities from oppression and violence.

What Can Be Done to the Monster for His Crime?

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/31/2007 | Boy, 7, sees one parent kill the other Stories like this make me wish I believed he would burn in Hell for his crimes.
Ronald Hives, 7, saw his mother shot to death Saturday morning.

He does not remember hearing the shots ring out in rapid succession outside the family's Bartram Village apartment in Southwest Philadelphia.

But he remembers the blood on her body and the blood splattered on the wall.
His mother taken from him. Memories that will doubtless haunt him for the rest of his life.

Why? Because some idiot who got violent didn't believe that his violence was driving his wife away. If his wife didn't return, he said he was going to kill her and her entire family. (Did he really think this threat would make her return? In the words of Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon.")

No restraining order, but would it have done any good? Probably not against this kind of insanity.

Law Abiding Citizen With a Gun Stops Crime Wave

Two charged in Pontiac break-in; police say they may have done more This is a story that I covered a few days back.

A man wakes up to find 3 goblins breaking into his home, and shoots at them. He hits one, and all three are arrested at the hospital.
Pontiac police are looking at the three men for possible links to more than a half-dozen home invasions in that city in the past month, three of which turned violent with victims being beaten or shot.

Ware said police in adjacent suburbs have also expressed interest in the suspects for similar unsolved crimes.
The 2 prime suspects face 20 years each, if convicted.

Minnesota Considers Stand Your Ground :: KARE 11 TV - "Stand Your Ground" bill causing controversy at Capitol You find a goblin in your home and defend yourself. What do the powers-that-be do? Consider charging you with a crime.
In November, Gerald Whaley shot and killed 17-year-old Tony Parks after the teen broke into his Coon Rapids house at 11 p.m.

Prosecutors haven't charged Whaley with a crime, but they haven't ruled it out.
But the MN powers that be won't side with the law-abiding. They will listen to the Brady Bunch.