Friday, May 18, 2007

System Refuses to Protect, Refuses to Allow Self-defense

JusticeProtection Disorder | News | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper This is an interesting take on a recent tragedy at the University of Washington. Unfortunately, it is a story that is all too common - a woman killed by an ex-boyfriend who refused to get over it.

It actually deals with a woman - still alive - at the University of Washington, who is having similar problems to those that ended up killing Rebecca Griego. This woman has applied to the University of Washington Police Department for protection. Her request has been denied.

So the police have refused to protect her, and the State of Washington (and the University) refuse to allow her to protect herself. They deny her the means of an effective defense anyway, as possession of guns on campus is forbidden to staff and students.
Indeed, Wittmier—referring to this woman's request—told The Stranger, "to be able to make that happen, we'd have to be able to double or triple our workforce. The numbers aren't there." And this is exactly what UWPD told her. The woman, whom we're keeping anonymous for obvious reasons, says UWPD told her that her ex-boyfriend didn't present an immediate danger and that "they couldn't provide an escort" because "they [were] really understaffed."
So if you find yourself in a similar situation (at most university campuses nationwide and specifically at UW), you are on your own, without the means to defend yourself.

And as for the status of the "gun-free zone," Rebecca Griego was shot. Yeah, I can see how the gun-free zone helped.

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