Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Story of Cops Behaving Badly

JusticeAre you surprised that it is in New Orleans? I didn't think so.... Witnesses say police stormed their quiet neighborhood bar and brutally attacked the owner, but he had done nothing wrong-

So you get beaten up and arrested even though MANY witnesses will swear you did nothing wrong. What a surprise.

Cops enter a bar looking for fleeing subjects. All the witnesses in the bar say they are not there. One cop starts yanking on a locked door trying to get into a store room. The owner of the bar offers to open the locked door, since he doesn't want his property destroyed.
When the officer resumed yanking on the door, Elloie turned to him and said: "If you need the door open, I can open it." According to Elloie, the officer said: "I don't care who you are. You're going to jail."

Elloie said, "For what?" The officer said, "Because you hit me." Indeed, a citation filed later in municipal court offered a scant description of the allegation, saying only that Elloie "struck officer in the chest." Witnesses said Elloie had not touched an officer.
The charges were later dropped - 16 witnesses would have been a bit to overcome.

And NOLA has cleared the officers of all wrong-doing.
Schwartzmann said the incident at the Sportsman's Corner illustrates why some citizens are distrustful of law enforcement.

"The Police Department is begging the citizenry to come forward and assist them in fighting crime," she said. "But in this case, 16 people in the community did come forward, only to have the police turn a deaf ear to their complaints."
Police in this country are in a world of hurt from a PR perspective. I'm sure most cops are decent people - most of the ones I know are. But not all of them are, and in places like New Orleans, I'm not sure that most of them are. When NOLA cops took part in the looting after Katrina, when they acted like jack-booted thugs after Katrina, when stuff like this happens, it makes all of them suspect.

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