Friday, June 15, 2007

Domestic Dispute Ends in Death

Investigators: Domestic dispute led to crash through house, fatal shot I didn't write about this bizarre story the other day, because it just made no sense. It makes more sense today. (Or at least it is part of a common pattern.)

After driving aimlessly through an area with his wife, Ravi Batuk Vora, 39, became a threat to his wife. To the point she feared for her life.
Vora tried to get his wife to go with him into an orchard but the woman ran, fearing for her life.

She flagged down a passing motorist, who drove her to a mini-market to dial 9-1-1.
Vora, not knowing where his wife had fled, starts following a random motorist - who he thought had something to do with his wife.
When the driver, Robinson, stopped in his driveway, he told Vora that the woman was not in his home. Vora left but then returned, demanding to be allowed in the home. Robinson refused to let him in, telling him he was calling 9-1-1.

Vora left and returned yet again, pounding on the door and demanding to be allowed inside the house. Robinson, who was home with his 58-year-old wife, armed himself and dialed 911 at 8:48 p.m.

Vora retreated, got into his car and rammed it headlong into the home.
One shot to the upper body and Ravi Vora was dead. The result of his behavior and at the hands of a law-abiding citizen defending himself and his family.

I said this was part of a common pattern. Abusive spouses acting irrationally. They threaten, hit and sometimes - all too often - kill people they claim to "love." That isn't the way I define love. Was he planning a murder/suicide in that orchard? No one knows. What we do know is that if the homeowner hadn't had the means to defend himself, he probably would have been injured, as Vora was not doing all of this for friendly reasons.

Self-defense is a human right.

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