Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Homemade Weapons, Part 2

book cover photoA few days ago I was having a "discussion" with a Lefty friend about people making their own weapons. Since he didn't believe me, I was forced to do some research. [Homemade Weapons (part 1) was a collection of photos of guns seized in Russia]

Since I wanted "How to" info, I thought books would be a good starting place. Amazon of course is the easiest place to research books, so I put together a selection of titles like "Do-It-Yourself Submachinegun" and "The .50-Caliber Rifle Construction Manual" to the "Gunpowder Cookbook."

I can't be sure, since I don't own any of these titles, but my guess is they truly are low tech. So I went a little farther afield and found that there appears to be at least a few people who are serious about this. One of them is Bill Web, who put together a 2 DVD course on how to build a rifling machine. Almost makes me want to learn a little bit about machine-shop techniques. Almost.

Of course all of these books are for "information purposes only" since it is illegal to build your own firearm unless you are a licensed firearms manufacturer.
[Update: according to a commenter, some of these weapons might be legal. Some clearly are not under the auspices of the BATF.]

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