Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People Need to Exercise Common Sense

Lamar Ledger - Rabies confirmed in coyote attack They had a gun, but were trying to "shoo" the coyote away. The husband shot only after the wife was attacked.
She said he was going to shoot the coyote, but they tried to shoo the animal away. As she was trying to wave off the coyote, it bit her on her hand and on both legs.
Now she is undergoing rabies shots. Not the ordeal it was in years past, but still not pleasant.

Are we so far removed from reality that when we see an animal with no fur, acting crazy, we don't immediately think of the possibility of hydrophobia?

This case is not unique. Earlier in the month there was a story about a girl who was bitten by a bat in 2004, and not taken to the hospital. She developed rabies, and was one of the few cases to have survived.

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