Sunday, June 24, 2007

When is self-defense murder? When it is reported by the MSM

MyFox Tampa Bay | Home invasion leaves suspect dead The Lefty media has it wrong again. But this is worse than the usual confusion of victims and criminals. In this case they actually refer to legal self-defense as murder.

The police are pretty clear about what happened.
Investigators say when the two entered the home, they demanded jewelry and money. Several people were in the house at the time. As the suspects entered the bedroom, a man pulled a gun, fatally shooting [goblin number 1].

"Obviously, the victims were in fear for their lives as they should have been and they did what they had to do to protect themselves," said [Chief W.J.] Martin [of the Lakeland Police Department].
But the reporter looks at legal self-defense and sees murder.
Some residents expressed frustration that another murder had occurred in their neighborhood.
Is that a quote from a resident? None of the actual quotes uses that term. Are the residents frustrated by crime? No doubt. Are they distraught that a criminal is dead? That is less clear, since one resident that is quoted talks of "cleaning up the neighborhood." Another is "scared," but whether he is scared about the shooting, or the home invasion that started this whole thing is not clear. I believe this is the reporter's (and editor's) bias - gun owners are no better than murderers.

Goblin number 1, described as "nice person" has a history with police that included robbery and aggravated battery. Goblin number 2, who was arrested later, was a registered sex offender who had outstanding arrest warrants before this home invasion.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is both a moral and a legal right. (At least it is in Florida.)

If you would like to point to these journalism professionals (sic) that their bias is showing, you can do that here.

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