Friday, August 10, 2007

15 minutes = as fast as possible

2 attacks near pier startle Shady Side community - South County - ( While this story isn't about life and death, it does point up one problem with the Left's favorite strategy of "call 911 and wait to be rescued." That problem is response time. How long does it take police to arrive (always assuming you can call them BEFORE the crime is committed)?

While discussing police response times...
Capt. [Pam] Davis Capt[, commander of the county's southern district,] noted that there is a substation at Solomons Island Road and Route 258. She added that substations only allow officers to do paperwork closer to their posts - they don't bring any additional officers to the area.

"In general, they are probably going to be out on the road," she said, acknowledging that sometimes it might take an officer 15 minutes to respond to a call. [My emphasis, Z-Deb]
A lot can happen in 15 seconds, let alone 15 minutes.

And before you say that this is an aberration, consider this data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. (it is a PDF, You have been warned!) that says - as of 2005 - while in about 56 percent of violent crimes, police responded in 10 minutes or less, that still leaves 34% of violent crimes where the response time is much higher. In some cases very high. Property crimes of course have a longer response time, having a lower priority.

An awful lot can happen in a few seconds of a violent attack. And as someone or another has said, "When seconds count, the police are minutes away." The sad truth is that police show up after the fact, take statements, collect evidence and try to find out "who did it." "It" has already been done by the time they show up.

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