Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anti-gun Bias in the Media? Say it Ain't So!

�--�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper If you watch the network news, you would think that no one ever defends themselves with a firearm.
From Jan. 1 to August 2007, ABC, NBC and CBS ran a total of 650 murder stories. During the same period, self defense cropped up once on ABC, once on NBC and was absent on CBS. ABC's John Stossel referred to two cases of armed self defense on the May 4 edition of "20/20," and NBC's "Today Show" on April 23 featured former Miss America Venus Ramey, 82, who wielded a shotgun to chase off an intruder.
Not representative of the number of times self-defense works.

But then Liberals don't like independent citizens to have guns. They like subjects who are completely dependent on the state for their safety (even though the state can't and won't guarantee safety), just like they want people dependent on the state for everything. Medical care, retirement, schooling, etc.

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