Thursday, August 23, 2007

Britain's Continuing Push to End Freedom

Britain's rising levels of gun crime - Telegraph This article comes after a high-profile shooting of an eleven-year-old who had been on his way home from playing what the Brits call football. (That would soccer to anyone on this side of the pond.)

Some of the things they police state is considering. Making it a crime not come forward as a witness, regardless of the risk that would put you in. (No mention of witness-protection.)

But the real kicker is constant stopping and searching of suspects (their term).
His officers are also instructed to stop and search suspects regularly. The chief constable, who attended a gun crime summit at Downing Street in February, said such initiatives were leading the way in stamping out the problem.
It isn't that people have to submit to searches as part of probation. They only need to be suspects. But in a police state, everyone is a suspect.

You would think the Brits would wake up before it is too late, but I think it already is too late for the UK.

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