Saturday, August 25, 2007

British Gun Control

British gun control has done nothing but leave the population helpless and usher in an increase in gun crime. Victims and offenders get younger - Telegraph 20 years ago Britain outlawed semi-automatic center-fire rifles. In 1996 they banned handguns. The result has been an increase in crime.
In 1996, there were 14,000 recorded offences in which firearms were reported to have been used. In 2005/6, the last period for which figures are available, there were 21,500.
That's a 54% increase in the number of crimes. And while I'm sure the population has increased since 1996, I doubt it has increased anywhere near 50%. The number of gun crimes has gone up. The rate of gun crimes has gone up. And this doesn't even consider violent crime in general. Over the same period (1996 - 2005) there was a 17% decrease in the number of violent crimes reported in the US. (The gun data is split between many tables, if you are interested that link to the FBI site for the Uniform Crime Report will let you determine the change in gun crime.)

But the British government won't admit that gun control doesn't work. They will enact more of it, and restrict the ability of the average British citizen to defend themselves even more.

For a view of the history of gun control in the UK, take a look at this article: Reason Magazine - Gun Control's Twisted Outcome In 2000, Dan Rather - NOT a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - said that England had worse crime than the US. And except for rapes and murders he was right. Things have gotten better in the US and worse in the UK since then.
In 1999 The Boston Globe reported that the American murder rate, which had fluctuated by about 20 percent between 1974 and 1991, was "in startling free-fall." We have had nine consecutive years of sharply declining violent crime. As a result the English and American murder rates are converging. In 1981 the American rate was 8.7 times the English rate, in 1995 it was 5.7 times the English rate, and the latest study puts it at 3.5 times. [note: this Reason article is from 2002. Z-Deb]
Gun Control doesn't work to control crime. It isn't working in Britain. It isn't working in Washington, D.C. But that won't stop the Left for maintaining that we just need a little more.

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