Saturday, August 25, 2007

Canada Moves Toward a Police State

[Update: It's funny isn't it that the "protesters" and the riot police buy their boots from the same company. A bad novelist would know better than to send people on a covert op wearing standard issue gear. But then the police today, never expect to be "caught" being underhanded.]

The Freeholder: Protest at your own risk. What would you call it when police - masked and armed with rocks - pose as protesters, apparently in the hope of inciting a riot so the that riot-gear-equipped police (standing right there) can move in? That is what happened in Quebec during the recent conclave of the "Three Amigos." Faced with video evidence on YouTube, the Quebec police admit the "protesters" were cops, but claim they did nothing wrong.

Go see the Freeholder for the whole story and the video. And remember that Canada is one of the gun-controlling utopias that the Left is always saying is such a wonderful place.

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