Monday, August 06, 2007

Catching Up - part 1

A while back, Monica, from A Grizzly Momma, tagged me with a mine for "rocking girl bloggers." She probably thought I was ignoring her, or that I didn't see the link. But I did. (but "girl" still puts my back up a tad...(sound of cat hissing....) Oh well... here goes.)

So my nominations are:

Attila Girl, From Little Miss Attila. Just the right amount of snark, to start your day.

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. She's in a bit a "blue period" right now, but she was a major driving force behind the Cotillion.

Bitter, of the Bitch Girls. When Beth's snark isn't enough.

Caltech Girl of Not Exactly Rocket Science. She's smart, insightful, but I doubt she will ever see this.

Of course Tam, at A View From the Porch for the mockery of things that deserve being mocked.

Finally, Michele at A Big Victory, who got me started in this whole blog thing, by example. And anyone who loves Killer Klowns for Outer Space can't be all bad.

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