Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Catching Up - part 2

Stephen of Hold the Mayo, one of the first bloggers I read regularly, nominated me for this award. I am honored, even if it has taken way to long to get to work on passing it along.

Since I just nominated a bunch of my favorite women bloggers in part 1, I thought I would limit myself to the guys (mostly - See the Llamas new hires).

Robbo and Steve-O of The Llamabutchers. Disguised with a lot of comedy and many photos of Melissa, these guys have a lot of insightful posts. (They have some new additions to the crew, but I am less familiar with them.)

Eric of Classical Values, who I almost always agree with.

Paul of Right Side of the Rainbow, who is a fellow gay-gun-blogger. He would be a man after my own heart, if either of us went in for that kind of thing.

Finally, The Pro-Gun Progressive. He reminds me that real discourse is still possible, and that I don't have to agree with everything someone says, to respect them and their opinions.

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