Monday, August 20, 2007

Cooperation Did Not Lead to Safety

3 Arrested in Turkey Hill Robbery - CBS 21 This is another case of a store clerk following the Left's (and the cops) tired advice of, "Cooperate with criminals for your safety." It didn't work last week. It didn't work this week.
According to police the men robbed the Turkey Hill store in Manheim Township early Monday morning.

After taking off with cash and cigarettes, one of the men shot out the front window using a rifle and then fired more shots as the trio ran across the street.
The police are confused. They think that violent criminals will stop being violent because you are nice.
"There was absolutely no reason to be shooting at the clerk. The clerk wasn't resisting, wasn't arguing. The clerk was doing a really good job of letting them do what they needed to do and for whatever reason they decided to open fire with a big gun," says Sgt. Tom Rudzinski, Manheim Township Police Department.
The only good news it that the police caught up with these three goblins, and they are behind bars. At least one will be charged with attempted murder.

So I guess we can say... Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0.

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