Monday, August 27, 2007

Cooperation Does Nothing

NBC2 News Online - Sheriff blames rap music for shootings & robberies The Left loves the idea that if you cooperate with violent criminals they will stop being violent.
LEE COUNTY: For the second time in three days a convenience store clerk has been shot despite following the demands of robbers.
The sheriff blames rap music. I blame the criminals who did the shooting.
"You can see it on the video. He's just lying on the ground and he shot him anyway. He shot him in the back right through the stomach, came out the front. The doctor said it's unbelievable. It missed all the vital organs," said [the brother of the guy who got shot.]
The sheriff blames the music, and culture probably plays a role. But the people are responsible. Not the guns, not the music, but the people who pull the triggers are responsible.

Violent criminals were violent before they attack you and will violent after they leave. Whether or not you cooperate with them will not change their behavior.

The three guys who were apparently involved in the shooting eluded police on foot after abandoning their vehicle.

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