Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cops Behaving Badly and Chicago Backing Them Up

Deaths put Chicago police under pressure - Yahoo! News Mayor Dumbbell Daley has a crisis in Chicago. The police keep killing people and beating people and sometimes end up on video doing it.

The most recent case, cops say a man threatened them with a gun. Just one problem, he was shot in the back.
police shot and killed an 18-year-old man who they say flashed a gun at them and ran away.

The latest shooting prompted an angry crowd of more than 100 people to gather near the scene where the Cook County medical examiner's office said Aaron Harrison was killed by a gunshot wound to the back.
Even though the investigation is not finished, police have already decreed that all is well. The cops acted properly - or at least according how that is defined in Chicago.
Adding to the department's troubles are recent incidents caught on tape.

In one video, a tavern's security camera captured 12-year police veteran Anthony Abbate pummeling a woman bartender half his size, allegedly after she refused to serve him. Abbate eventually was charged with aggravated battery.

More bar security-camera video appears to show several off-duty Chicago police officers scuffling with four businessmen in a Dec. 15 incident that has spawned criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. Like Abbate, the officers have pleaded not guilty.
Da Mayor Jr. has taken control of the office that investigates complaints. And since we all know how honest and above-board the Mayor of Chicago's office is, we can rest assured that nothing will be swept under the rug. [via KABA]

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