Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ellen Goodman is a Complaining Little Witch

Ellen Goodman, Helpless Little Girl | MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy I was going to write about this, but Beth is all over it.
Oh, looky here. A poor helpless widdle girl is asking where all the female political bloggers are again, and why The Man™ is keeping us down.
The last time someone with this much media attention asked this question it was a man. A bunch of women got together and started The Cotillion as an answer. I have since parted ways with that group, but to think that after all this time someone is dopey enough to raise the same question all over again.

The truth is Ellen G. comes across as the most technologically illiterate to have access to the MSM since Dan Rather tried to pass a Microsoft Word document off as a type-written letter from the 60's or whenever.

Anyway, Beth does a fine job of demolishing Goodman. Go take a look.

Update: Goodman's email is available for all to see. Send her a link to your favorite woman-run political blog.

Update: Captain Ed Also has a few choice words on the subject of dear Ms. Ellen.

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