Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Former UK Detective on Gun Bans

Former detective: It is a gangland culture - Telegraph Britain is a small island nation. You would think if anyone could ban guns it would be them. That wouldn't appear to be the case.
Fire arms can be obtained very cheaply and after they have been used criminals can dispose of them because they are so cheap - a handgun can be bought for about £25 a time.
£25 is about $50 at today's exchange rate. If the ban had chocked off supply, the price would go up. That is basic economics. The supply is good, the price is low, and they are easy to come by.
The legislation that came in after the Dunblane shooting in 1996 has been utterly and totally ineffective. It was a waste of space.
All this did was arrange things so that the criminals have guns, and no one else does, because not even the police on the beat are armed. These arms are coming to Britain from Eastern Europe, and from all the conflict zones around the world.

The only downside to this article is nature of the whole thing. (Give the poor man some cheese with that whine.)
Like other areas of Liverpool, Croxteth has become increasingly more difficult to police over the years due to the gang type culture and the reluctance of people living in the area either to come forward and give either evidence or information about those involved in the gang culture, drugs and crime groups.
When the police are unable to offer any protection, when the good citizen is the denied protection of a personal firearm, of course people are going to keep their heads down. Especially when even if criminals are jailed it isn't for long.

On the subject of police protection, consider a recent case. Two men seriously injured in street shooting - Telegraph:
Armed officers raced to the scene of the attack near Letchworth Garden City station at around 11am this morning.
The cop on the beat can't respond to a shooting because he is unarmed. You wonder how many people were put at risk of traffic fatality by those "racing" policemen. If the police have to travel to your location for some central armory, do you really think they will get there in time to save you? They might be able to take you to hospital if you haven't died by the time they get there.

In short the gun ban hasn't worked. It hasn't removed guns from the streets of Britain, it hasn't lowered crime, it hasn't done any of the things that were promised. Self-defense is a human right, but it requires effective means or that right has been abridged. All the gun ban did was leave the average citizen defenseless in the face of violent confrontations.

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