Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Fourth Estate or a Fifth Column

American Thinker: It's Not Just Scott Beauchamp When the press is caught with its hand in the cookie jar again and again and again, you have to wonder what they are about.

Mostly it seems they are about writing fiction. How long did this go on before the Internet allowed people to catch them at it? How many more times do they lie to us and not get caught?

The referenced article catalogs some of the folks like Scott Beauchamp, and Jason Blair, and Mitch Albom and Barbara Stewart and others who made stuff up. And of course "fake but accurate" Dan Rather (or should that be Rather?) and his supposed military memos. Then there are all the instances of plagiarism, and other ethical lapses.

It is interesting to have it all captured in one place. Go take a look.

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