Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Thing the UK Outlaws Self-defense

Couple Attacked At Home By Knifeman - UK News Headlines Couldn't possibly let law-abiding seniors have a firearm to defend themselves against a knife-wielding thug, someone might get hurt.

When I see stories about effectively helpless seniors killed by the urban goblins of the world, I get so upset with the gun-controllers. A 60-year-old woman is dead. Her 61-year-old husband is in the hospital. They were attacked in their home with a knife. The gun-control laws left them helpless. The knife-control laws failed to stop their assailant. What should they have done?

Had they been armed there is no guarantee that they would be safe. But disarming them, and discouraging self-defense, left them helpless victims in their own home. Self-defense is a human right, but when you deny the old and the infirm the tools to defend themselves you abridge that right. You make them easy prey to the monsters among us.

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