Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If You or I Did This, We Would Not Be on "Administrative Leave"

14 WFIE, The Tri-State's News Leader: OK: Cop shoots child We would be in custody.

A cop, shooting at a snake in a tree misses. And forgetting about the rules of safe gun handling, completely ignores the question of what was beyond his target. Turns out there was a five-year-old boy fishing with his grandfather. The boy was struck in the head by that wayward bullet and killed.

You or I would be in jail charged with negligent homicide at the very least. In some parts of the country, the charge would be much more severe. But a cop gets placed on administrative leave.

There are rules for safe gun handling and safe shooting. They apply - or they should apply - to everyone including the police. Apparently they don't.

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