Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is 45 Minutes too Long to Wait for 911 Response?

CLINTON: Town police secure more back-up If you are calling and praying to be rescued, 45 minutes is probably too long.
Town Manager Jim Rhodes said most of the necessary action would take place after midnight. He said response time to Clinton for state police or Kennebec County Sheriff's deputies sometimes can be 45 minutes, depending on where those units are when a call comes in.
That is the current status. They are trying to make things better, but even if they reduce the wait time by two thirds, that would still leave 15 minutes. And they haven't done it yet.

How much can go wrong in 45 minutes? How much can go wrong in 15 minutes? How much can go wrong in 5 minutes. And of course that assumes you can make the call to 911 before the crime happens.

Sure you need to call police, and they need to get there as soon as possible, but you need to be prepared to wait for that 45 minutes as well.

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