Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Manchester, England: 5 dead in 5 days - I'm glad crime is under control

Imagine how bad things would be if crime were out of control in the UK. BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Coroner's pledge to gun witnesses One town, Manchester, or "Gunchester," is having a bit of a gun-crime problem in gun-free England.
Greater Manchester Police have not said whether the shootings are linked.

They have denied that gun crime is out of control in the city - nicknamed "Gunchester" in the past - but have said it was a "difficult time".
Those 5 dead in 5 days don't count the people injured of course. One of the dead was killed in a drive-by-shooting. In "gun-free," "low-crime" England. Glad to see that a small island nation is having so much luck enforcing their ban on guns. [Hat tip to Ace]

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