Monday, August 20, 2007

The Means to Defend Yourself

Self-defense is a human right, but without effective means it can be difficult to defend yourself successfully. Can a 120 pound woman fight off a 220 pound attacker? Can one person fight off 3 assailants?

This is a 10 minute video on truth about concealed carry, produced by the NRA. It is worth it when you have the time.

The video talks about the campaign against concealed carry in Wisconsin. The Gun-fearing weenies are talking about "wild west shoot-outs." They didn't happen in Florida, Virgina, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota or any of the 38 states that have "shall issue" laws, but they are predicting them in Wisconsin - just like they predicted them in those other 38 states.

"Shall issue" means that if you meet the requirements for carrying concealed weapons, the state "shall issue" you a permit. In other words, you don't have to convince some bureaucrat that you have the right to defend yourself. Those requirements are typically pass a background test showing you have no felony record, and be of sound mind, etc. Then you need to take and pass a safety class. Things that law-abiding people can and will do, and criminals will not do.

"When seconds count, police are minutes away." Concealed carry enables people to defend themselves effectively. [Hat tip to Xavier]

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