Monday, August 06, 2007

The MSM - is it seeing the light?

Hell Frozen OverJournal Inquirer - Time to admit the 'gun nuts' are right At least one editor is.

Reviewing the facts about the Petit home invasion that left the mother and two daughters dead, one editor of a newspaper comes to a rather shocking (for the MSM) insight.
And whereas the reform of the criminal justice system along some of the lines suggested above (a real "three strikes" law and faster trials for violent offenders) would not have saved the lives of Jennifer, and Hayley, and Michaela Petit, a gun might have.

I don't say it would have.

I say it might have.
He even got to my, "there are no guarantees in this life," position.
Had Dr. William Petit had access to a gun and known how to use it, he might have been able to dispatch the two perpetrators, who were armed with only an air gun and ropes.

Moreover, the three victims here were women.

What if Mrs. Hawke-Petit had been trained in the use of firearms? Suppose she had been able to get to a gun after her husband was beaten into unconsciousness by the invaders? Or when she was forced to take one captor to the bank to fetch him money?
Cooperation. That's what she was doing, following the thread-bare advice of the Left and the Police (who don't want people stepping on their turf). That advice is to cooperate with the criminals. The problem is, it doesn't work. This has been shown time and again to be false. Cooperation with violent criminals will not suddenly make them non-violent.
Let's admit -- since the murderers, and druggies, and psychos, and thieves already have guns -- that arming the peaceful, law-abiding, decent, and productive people, whether in a school, or a private home, or on the way to a parked car, is an option that also has merit.
Having a plan to deal with a violent attack will not guarantee you will survive any such attack. But having no plan is tantamount to giving up. [Hat tip to Brad of Sph33r]

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