Monday, August 13, 2007

The Problem of Gangs and Gun Violence in the UK

Gangs, guns and justice for Jessie - Times Online This is the story of a young man, little more than a child at 15-years-old, who died in a gang shooting. He was probably killed because he refused to join a gang, and could not get away from the neighborhood he lived in.

It is a story of witness intimidation, and a mother's grief, and for those reasons (and more) it is worth a look.

But what caught my attention were the statistics about violence in the UK.
Even staying at home is not safe. In February a pair of 15-year-olds, Michael Dosunmu and Billy Cox, were separately shot dead in their bedrooms in south London – accounting for just two out of 3,500 gun crimes in London over the past 12 months.

Though considerably smaller than London, Manchester has seen more than 3,000 firearms incidents in the 15 months up to May – equivalent to seven gun crimes a day.
This is in a small island nation that has virtually outlawed handguns and all but outlawed long-guns. Has gun-control worked to do anything but leave the population at the mercy of the gangs?

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