Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Reporter Takes Gun Class

LJWorld.com / In the line of fire Last month, Chad Lawhorn, bought a cheap gun, as the first part of a series about getting a concealed carry permit in the great state of Kansas.

He apparently got a lot of grief over his choice.

Anyway, this month he reports on his class. And it is a pretty good report. Not completely pro-gun yet not a propaganda piece for the Brady Bunch either. To be fair, in a concealed carry permit class you do have to discuss some pretty disturbing things: how (or where) to shoot an attacker, how many times to shoot, the fact that every bullet comes with a lawyer attached, etc.

I think I would like Max Miller, the instructor who taught the class. He makes an excellent point about not giving up if you are injured.
This next part was even more uncomfortable. Miller turned the tables on us. He was no longer talking about shooting a man. He was talking about us getting shot.

After all, if you are having to shoot a man, it may very well be because he has a gun, too. The main message is this: Don’t let a bullet stop you from fighting on and protecting yourself.

“Remember, if it hurts, you’re still alive,” Miller said. “Just because you’re hurt and hurt really bad, that’s not a reason to give up.”

Then he delivered the line that I can just imagine Knute Rockne giving to a bunch of sad-sacks.

“Don’t get demoralized and die when you don’t have to.”
There is more, go take a look.

I'm not sure how many more articles will be in this series; I expect there will be one more anyway. I find I am actually looking forward to it.

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