Sunday, August 19, 2007

Restraining Order Does Nothing

Wife remains living in fear: 'You call this protection?' : CHICAGO SUN-TIMES This woman has had acid thrown at her, had the train she works on shot at twice, had so many broken windows and doors and vandalism done to her car that her insurance has been canceled. The most ridiculous thing is that her employer, METRA (a government transit agency in Chicago) moved her to a job where her problems wouldn't impact their riders - a good thing - and cut her pay $30,000 per year - a very bad thing. She is trying to sell the house, for several reasons, but at least in part because at the moment she can no longer afford it.

And since she doesn't want to put her friends and family in harms way, she has reduced contact with everyone close to her.

All of this because of an idiot ex-husband who won't let go. And a justice system that seems unable to produce any justice. The police can't find him. The courts let him out of jail and he "disappeared."

This being Chicago, Illinois, a law-abiding citizen can't even own a hand gun for protection against this kind of terrorism. Of course that law has not stopped the goof-ball husband from acting.

Restraining orders are interesting legal documents, but as this case details, they aren't bullet-proof vests.
Brown's story shows just how little orders of protection actually help domestic violence victims, and how much this kind of domestic terrorism can cost the victim.
I wish someone on Left would leave a comment and explain to me how the world is a better place because this woman is left helpless in the face of an ex-husband who is clearly a threat to her. He knows where she lives. He knows where she works. He has attacked her both at home and at work and the police are helpless to stop it. I'm afraid that one day I will read a story about Ms. Brown being killed at the hands of that goblin. The Left doesn't have a problem with that apparently. They are happy to see Americans like Andrea Brown disarmed in the face of violent attack.

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