Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Story of Self-defense from Fiji

No charges on suspect yet - Fiji Times Online Living in a fenced and gated compound is no guarantee of safety. Eight intruders cut their way through a fence and through window grates (burglar bars) to attack a man and his family.

The first two police to arrive on the scene did nothing but call for more police, even though Satish Chandra was still fighting for his life in his own home.
A MAN was shot dead and another is in hospital after they, and several other men, cut through a fence and grilles to enter a home in a rural farming community yesterday.

The incident has heightened the fears of the Kuku community who relayed yesterday how they have been living in fear and suffering sleepless nights because of a series of robberies and attacks in their neighbourhood in the past six months.
Once enough police were on scene and the robbers decamped, the police arrested Satish Chandra. For the horrible crime of having killed one of the monsters who invaded the home where his wife, his four children, his brother and his sister-in-law and their three children were all living.

The police did eventually catch up with two more of the goblins, leaving four still free.

The gun-grabbing Left - both here and in Fiji - would have left Satish Chandra helpless. Fiji requires a license for a firearm (he had one) and they are limited. Would this honest man be alive today had he not been armed? What would these eight goblins have done to the women and children of that home if they had met no armed resistance? Thankfully we don't know, because they did meet armed resistance.

I wish someone on the Left would explain to me how four adults are supposed to defend themselves against eight criminals without a firearm (or 2).
A Human Right
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Self-defense is a human right.

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