Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tax Exemption or Political Activism

One but not both. WorldNetDaily: Church's pro-life advocacy earns IRS audit You can say abortion is bad. If you tell people who to vote for, and what propositions to support, then you give up your tax exempt status.

This isn't persecution. You have the right to free speech. Say anything you want. But political organizations pay taxes. Churches don't. Take your pick. And if you really truly believe in what you are saying. Good. Pay your taxes the way Gun Owners of America, The National Rifle Foundation, NARAL (which no longer uses the long form of its name) and all the other advocacy groups in America who 'really believe' in what they are saying.

This comes to us via iFeminists, who say,
Ouch! It hurts to come down on the side of the IRS

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