Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boo Hoo - I paid too much for a piece of techno-junk

PC World - Lessons Learned From the iPhone Price Cuts Why are we still reading stories about the iPhone? The people who wanted to be "cool" and be the first ones to have it, well they have it. Now the price will go down. What a surprise. It isn't like the price of technical goodies ever goes down right after introduction.

And given the durability - or lack thereof - of the iPod, I can't wait to see how long this 500 dollar gadget is going to last.

My current phone is 5 years old, and the battery is finally going. Since I can get new phone cheaper than a new battery, I will probably relent and upgrade. And no, I won't be getting an iPhone.

I have to wonder, how many people who bought the first IBM PC (64 K of memory, no hard drive) are boo who-ing that they paid too much. That over-sized calculator cost several thousand bucks at the time. Does anyone remember the Sinclair or the IMSAI? (Those were computers.) Does anyone remember Laser Disks? (Sort of like DVDs only the size of an LP.) Or how about the little-known fact that some of the early high-definition TVs are not compatible with high-definition DVD players?

You always pay a price for being an early adopter of tech. You should know why you are paying that price. (In some cases, the cost/benefit analysis will be easy.) If you shelling out that money "to be cool" don't cry when the prices, and capabilities change.

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