Monday, September 10, 2007

Cops Behaving Badly - Far East Division

Woman killed by cop ex-boyfriend threatened to report his trespassing, e-mails reveal - MSN-Mainichi Daily News Another idiot who didn't know that the relationship was over.
n one of the e-mails Sato sent that day, she said she might file a complaint against Tomono. Earlier on, Sato said she didn't want to talk with him, suggesting that she wanted to finish her relationship with the officer.

Another e-mail Sato sent to Tomono, 40, before Monday suggests that the officer had trespassed in Sato's apartment while she was out. "If police examine fingerprints, they can identify (who sneaked into my room), can't they?" the e-mail said.
No one knows if he did trespass, but it seems clear that he did kill her and then himself.

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