Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Downside of Shelters - No Mention of Self-defense

The Sun Chronicle - 'It's happening here' Go hide in shelters or with family. This is what women are told to do when the victim of domestic violence.
If she leaves, and turns to family or friends, she may be putting them in danger as well.

If she turns to a shelter or safe house, she has to leave everything she owns and everyone she knows, and can't even contact her family at first.
You may have to give up everything you own to go into a shelter.

This goes on to detail a woman's death at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. Two children were also injured.

Not one word about self-defense is included. New locks? Check. Restraining order? check. Passivity reinforced? Check.

If you have someone who is a threat, consider self-defense. Consider what you will do between the time you call 911 and the time police will arrive, and consider what can happen in that time.

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