Sunday, September 09, 2007

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Shots fired, man hurt
A John Street resident allegedly shot a man who he said broke into his home Saturday.
Homeowner shoots teen intruder in Harris Co.
Police said the homeowner found an intruder in his house in the 7900 block of Shady Grove this morning.

Apparently, there was some sort of confrontation, and the 19-year-old intruder wound up getting shot.
This second incident is one the Brady Bunch will call a child tragically shot. While most people consider a 19-year-old to a young adult (and he will be charged as an adult) the Brady Bunch doesn't think that distinction is important. 19 is a still a "teen" and that is as good as a child.

1 Dead, 1 Wounded In Store Shooting - KPHO Phoenix
Both men ran from the store and into the parking lot with the security guard chasing after them, [Phoenix police Sgt. Andy] Hill said.

The gunman pointed his weapon at the security guard and the guard opened fire, killing the 21-year-old Hispanic, Hill said.

The second man, a 20-year-old Hispanic, attacked the security guard outside the store and the guard shot him once in the arm, Hill said.
I've never been in a convenience store that employed armed guards, but I guess it was required in this case.

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