Saturday, September 22, 2007

How to buy a handgun in Florida

Interesting web search. How do I get a gun in Florida? (Please note I am the number 1 answer to this search - even though I don't answer that question.)

If you want a gun in Florida, you walk into a gun store and purchase it. If you pass the instant-background check, it is yours. If you are buying a handgun there is a 3-day waiting period, unless you are a concealed carry permit holder. A few counties have enacted the 3-day wait regardless of the permit, via a limited home-rule feature of the Castle Doctrine law passed last year. Don't go to those counties.

If you aren't a permit-holder it doesn't matter what county you go to. But then if you aren't a permit holder you should be. The classes are straight-forward, and the cost not too extreme.

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