Monday, September 24, 2007

In Chicago, They Will Hang the Guy Out to Dry - West Side Store Clerk Shoots Alleged Robber Self-defense may be a human right, but in Chicago it is not your legal right.
CHICAGO A store clerk on the West Side fought back against an alleged robber, shooting him in the head. Chicago police say Monday evening the suspect is in stable condition.
Now self-defense is supposed to trump local gun laws (at least that used to be the Illinois law), but Mayor Dumbbell Daley can't let this one pass. An individual relying on his own initiative? Can't have that in the People's Republic of Chicago.

Go read the whole thing. I find some of the quotes puzzling and some of the quotes interesting. I won't say why.

I would like to say "Good Guys 1, ..." but I feel certain that in the end, the only people who will have won is the up-and-coming police state we know as Chicago.

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