Monday, September 24, 2007

Lack of Insurance is NOT the Problem

Bad Medicine - September 21, 2007 - The New York Sun Go read the whole thing, but here is the part that I love.
Imagine if your car insurance covered oil changes and gasoline. You wouldn't care how much gas you used, and you wouldn't care what it cost. Mechanics would sell you $100 oil changes. Prices would skyrocket.

That's how it works in health care. Patients don't ask how much a test or treatment will cost. They ask if their insurance covers it. They don't compare prices from different doctors and hospitals. (Prices do vary.) Why should they? They're not paying. (Although they do in hidden, indirect ways.)
Welcome to the socialist state of America. Ruled by people who don't respect your rights, who want to control every aspect of your life.

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