Saturday, September 15, 2007

Maybe I Can Vote for This Guy.

LibertyThompson speaks against gun control - 09/14/2007 - Usually I find myself voting against people, by voting for their opponents. Choosing the lesser of two evils as it were. But I think I may actually be able to vote for Thompson.
“I do not think that abrogating Second Amendment rights is a good idea,” the Republican said at the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana.

“The amount of violence created on the street by these kinds of weapons is very, very small,” Thompson said. “It's too bad. It's horrendous. Any kind -- whether it's a knife or an IED or a gun -- innocent people, especially law enforcement officers, are vulnerable all the time; we know that. But on balance, you've got to ask what is good for society and what does the Second Amendment say.”
[h/t to Glenn R.]

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