Friday, September 28, 2007

More Evidence of a Police State

Activist silenced for fear of surveillance -- They aren't tracking terrorists, foreign or domestic. They are tracking someone fighting for more funding of HIV and AIDS treatments.
Jennifer Flynn is not a rabble-rouser. She's not an aspiring suicide bomber. She doesn't advocate the overthrow of the government. Instead, she pushes for funding and better treatment for people with HIV and AIDS.

Better keep an eye on her.

Wait! Somebody already did.
She was planning a rally. And the police knew this. How did they know? Because she spent a lot of time working with them to plan the security that would be needed for the event.

The staked out her house. They followed her on a trip to her relatives in New Jersey. Hey guys, if you are going to do the "multiple car following" technique, and all the license plates are from NY and you are in a small rural town in NJ, well then you may as well paint the cars orange. How rural you ask...
Amenia, population 1,115. It's so far from the city its dry cleaners actually clean horse blankets.
The license plate of one of the vehicles turns up the following.
The license plate number traces back to a company - Pequot Inc. - and a post office box at an address far from the five boroughs. Registering unmarked cars to post office boxes outside the city or to shell companies is a common practice of law enforcement agencies to shield undercover investigators.
All the usual suspects deny following her. Must be the Men in Black.

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