Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No Help

Estranged husband hunted in slaying | A waitress in an Orlando (tourist?) restaurant was stabbed to death. The restraining order was no help. (It had not been served so they can't even charge him with violating it.) The people in the restaurant were no help.
Nearly a dozen people watched as 43-year-old Deborah Caso of Orlando was repeatedly stabbed Sunday around 9 p.m. while working at a Denny's on the main thoroughfare of International Drive. Police said at least one person chased Alejandro Caso, 47 from the restaurant, but he jumped a fence and escaped.
Under normal circumstances I would expect a restaurant to contain at least one concealed carry permit holder. But Orlando is home to The Mouse, and tourists by and large aren't carrying. (You can get a license to carry in Florida even if you are not a Florida resident, for your trips down here. That's why Florida started the non-resident license program. People on vacation are often targets of crime, or witnesses.)

She is dead. He is on the run.

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