Sunday, September 30, 2007

Police Can Only Do So Much

Florida AP News: Story: Report: Student sought protection before her slaying Threats were made, but police cannot act before a crime is committed. When she called police, she got this response.
A Seminole County sheriff's deputy replied that he could do nothing at the time and suggested she seek a restraining order.

Hours later on Monday, Barwick and Ruschak were fatally shot and another man was wounded during a party at Ruschak's house. Allred was arrested later and confessed to the shootings, deputies said.
This is certainly a tragedy, but it is not one that police could have prevented.
"The deputy and everyone in this department truly regrets that these two young people lost their lives in this way, but the deputy had to deal with the information available at the time," [Chief Deputy Steven] Harriett said. "He made a decision he thought was the most appropriate."
Your first line of defense has to be you. You need to be aware. You need to have a plan.

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