Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Rules Really Don't Apply to Everyone

Chicago's finest under fire for brutality - Woman calls cop. Refuses to sign a blank incident report - I guess he was going to make it up later. So she got arrested. And Brutalized.
In his 12 years with the Chicago Police Department, Chevas had never been disciplined, despite nearly 50 brutality complaints against him, according to Petrovic's lawyer.

Chevas wound up resigning from the force after being caught on tape using credit cards stolen from a suspect in police custody. He was sentenced to 30 months probation.
Resigning from the force after being clearly implicated in credit card fraud, theft, etc. doesn't seem appropriate. I suppose 30 months probation is average for credit card fraud.

Chevas was cleared of any wrong-doing in this case.

Law Enforcement has to do a better job policing itself. As long as stuff like this goes on, and the cops in question have no repercussions, things will get worse. As they have been.

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