Monday, September 17, 2007

The Sad State of British Policing

When Bobbies are beating it, we're in trouble - Telegraph Bureaucracy run wild. Red tape like you won't believe. How can it be that most police spend most of their time doing paperwork, and not doing police work? Only in the UK.
However, you didn't have to scratch very deep to find the differences. For starters, after the briefing we all went out on patrol. Just like that! Not two or three out, with the rest doing paperwork. No, the whole of the shift went out to look for criminals.
But the root of the problem is worse. The British government seems to have lost sight of what police do.
Policing in Britain is about recording and risk assessing. Thousands of front-line officers are fighting a battle simply to get out of the office, before they even think about dealing with criminals.

Our police service is a means of social engineering, not a crime-fighting organisation. Consequently, the entry tests consist of little more than checking for a pulse, asking if the applicant is a racist and getting them to spell "diversity" correctly.
Apparently large numbers of British Bobbies are taking jobs in other places - Canada, Australia, etc. The crime in the UK will only get worse.

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