Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scotland - Gun Control and Knife Control Fail

Scotsman.com News - A violent crime every 37 minutes A small increase in violent crime this year, but the trends are unmistakable.
[Bill Aitken, the Scottish Conservative justice spokesman] said: "Rape or attempted rape has risen by almost 50 per cent since 1999, drug crimes by almost 40 per cent and total offences by 21 per cent."
The Labour Government's response - don't believe the numbers, it is all in the vagaries of reporting.
Margaret Curran, Labour's justice spokeswoman, said the figures were more complex than they appeared, as her party urged victims of crime to report even minor incidents.
Rape isn't a "minor incident." And if it is all about reporting, that only means that the numbers were understated in the past. I doubt they were understated quite that much, but if they were you don't get credit for hiding the truth.

Scotland instituted gun control and when that didn't solve their crime problem they instituted knife control. They seem to want to control everything but the criminals.

Harsh prison sentences? Self-defense by law-abiding citizens? No, that doesn't appeal to folks in the UK. They are talking about teaching the youth of the future to be less violent. I hope you have a lot of luck with that. Call me in 20 years to tell me how it's going.

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